GeekLife: Blogging Kim Possible vs Lara Croft

Lara Croft Image

Welcome people, welcome to the new GeekLife: Blogging article that I wanted to talk about for so long now! I’ve been trying to write about this for a long time, and now that Tomb Raider’s reboot is out, I thought it would be good to see these two characters be pitted together.

For lots of gamers, Lara Croft is the mother of games, and Kim Possible is just a silly Disney character made for kids, I really agree with everyone who said that, but let us take the concept Kim Possible is taken on, a teenage cheerleader that fights crime with her incredible flexible skills of power and mind. Seriously? You don’t think this concept will work because Kim Possible had older games, but these games were not good? Ok then, keep up with me now as I explain why it should work.

Female gamers always wanted to have more female leads right? They do have Lara Croft, and the RPG games that let her choose her own gender, fine, but when it comes to me, I don’t mind seeing another female bad ass with her own character, in other words, NOT RPG. An action 3D adventure filled game, and of course I don’t want it to be a kid-friendly game because all the old Kim Possible young fans are now older, keep the old idea of her skills, but make her older, and maybe she got to work in some kind of CIA-like spy thing.

Kim possible Image against Drakken

This character has such a great concept, but not anyone should be making it, maybe it’ll be like Kingdom Hearts thing, I don’t mean make it an rpg, I mean Disney should announce it, but let someone else develop it, maybe not Square Enix, because like the title says, it needs to be a great Tomb Raider rival don’t you guys think?

Ok I know I’m talking about Kim Possible here, but now that that is over us, I just have to mention some other Disney characters like Aladdin which can actually rival The Legend of Zelda, Disney can be the next Nintendo&Sony combined if they just think a little more about the more mature gaming audience in a way that isn’t like EA!

That is all I wanted to say, thanks for reading everyone, until next time…

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