Geek Life: Cartoon Reviews – Chalk Zone

This is another one of those cartoons that were forgotten, but not completely. One of those shows that you instantly remember when mentioned. This is going to be my first mixed review for a cartoon here on Geek Life. The thing is this show did to me an equal amount of things right and wrong. The show had a great concept and all the tools to give people a world to learn about, but at the same time the writer really didn’t live up to the potential. Every time they did get my attention it would be lost after they return to their comfort zones. Most of the time my interest was gained when they introduced a villain that would never be seen again. I’m sure they probably wanted them to return eventually, but I just never seen it. The only character I truly liked a lot and found fun was Snap really, but again the other characters I would’ve like more if the writers lived up to the potential it had. Don’t get me wrong though it was still a good show and it did do well for what it was. There was just a lot of missed potential and the writing was played very safe which is something I don’t care for much.


The story follows a young artist name Rudy and his young prodigy friend Penny that travel in a world inhabited by chalk drawings. Rudy as a human artist found magic chalk he was able to use to create portals to chalk zone where he got to meet his and the worlds chalk drawings. I like the idea of a world made by the human race’s imagination. I also liked the idea of Penny studying how it worked. That is something I wanted to see more of. I wanted to know more about how the world works, and they did do that just not enough to hold one’s interest. That’s the theme here, you wanted the writers to explore the world, develop the protagonists as heroes of this world, and introduce awesome villains you could love to hate. The show did all of this but the writers never done it all at once which was more than doable on their part. I liked what they did, but most of the show was just safe writing. The show really was all over the place when it didn’t have to be. Still I will defend the fact that when they got my attention, they got my attention! As Rudy’s favorite creation he finally got to meet in person, Snap was definitely the only character I always found interesting all the way through but I don’t want to make it sound like the other characters are bad. They are good characters its just I found a lot of the time with the writers habit of adding a lot of characters at once, it really took away from the protagonists.


Rudy is an aspiring artist that really cares about his craft. As a young boy he loves to explore and create in the world of chalk zone making him the perfect guardian for chalk zone and the people that earned their respect. Penny is a young genius who goes with the rough around the edges Rudy to study chalk zone and figure out what makes it tick. Rudy trusted Penny with the world he sworn to protect and that meant a lot to her and she shares that love for chalk zone because of it. Snap is a smooth talking man of action that usually takes the other two on adventures and shows them around Chalk Zone. I do like the trios relationships because its one of the show’s strong suits. Rudy and Snap are best buds, Penny and Rudy share a little mystery on their relationship status, and Penny and Snap don’t see eye to eye and fight for Rudy’s attention. Again they could’ve played it up a little better but it was still cool.


That’s the bottom line. They did everything they could, but they didn’t fully live up to the potential and had plenty of room to play it up more. The only thing though I have to say felt really unnecessary was those music videos they did at the end but whatever. It still made its mark and it was a good show. It really depends on what you’re looking for in the end. There are some other characters ‘m leaving out that made the show fun so if I didn’t convince you it was still a good show despite its flaws all I can say is find a way to see it for yourself. You may be surprised and you may not, I’m personally very mixed on the show.


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