Geek Life: Cartoon Reviews – Samurai Jack

Remember when I written about my top ten favorite cartoons? Well let me just say out of the huge lists of honorable mentions this was the hardest show to put there. In simpler terms this show is without a doubt number 11 of my favorite cartoons. The level of risk taking, care, humor, and seriousness made this such a brilliant and limitless show. The art direction is top notch and varied, the action and theming can brilliantly change with each episode, everything is just amazing. Watching this show when it was airing is an honor, yes I am aware of the high level of gushing I am doing. Though the show never got a conclusion a supposed movie is in the works, but it is going through a lot of snags in production. In fact the creator of the show actually made Hotel Translavania for the purpose of getting funding.

jack 1

The story follows a great level of simplicity and relate-ability  (as does the characters). In ancient Japan an unspeakably evil being known as Aku devastated the planet for world domination. Only one Samurai wielding a magic sword (the only thing that can defeat Aku) can rid the world of him. Aku being dishonorable and evil used his limitless power to tear a hole in time and send the Samurai to the distant future where Aku is all powerful. Though the Samurai’s name is never revealed, some punks from the future jokingly (but in awe of him) called him Jack. Jack thinking its like some sort of honorable title, takes it on and is the most wanted person on the planet. He makes it his life’s mission to find and destroy Aku in hoping he can return home and defeat him there. I the mean time he meets and helps many people/things? along the way.

jack 2

Now this is where I talk about all of the main characters, but this can possibly be my shortest passage, because there are only two main characters we see throughout the series and I’m gonna talk about a third only because he is a recurring character (a rarity for the series). Jack is a very serious and honorable warrior, he is also one of the truest heroes I ever seen in animation. He lives with a lot of pain, but always carries on to defeat Aku and save everybody. I may do a super hero spotlight on him in the future (I still owe one on Freakazoid). Aku is one of the most brilliantly written characters I ever seen. He accomplishes being threatening, powerful, and hilarious all at the same time. Jack and Aku’s hero/villian relationship does remind me of the Batman/Joker relationship except (other than the character’s personalities and backstories) the hero is light and the villian is shadows. The third character also never gets his real name revealed, he is known as the Scotsman. He is the only recurring side character in the show and he is awesome like everything else in the show. He is tough, rugged, and an equal to Jack in his fighting and warrior ability.

jack 3

Would you believe me if I tell you that every episode in this series is well done? Well it is. I never seen a bad, okay, mundane, decent episode of any kind. Everyone has different settings and themes, with different likable side characters, and brilliant plots. I want that finale movie to exist let me tell you, and nothing makes me happier knowing it’s back on Boomerang. Short version of this review: Great Show because Everything about is Great.


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