Geek Life: Angry Video Game Nerd: The Movie Review [spoiler free]

Yesterday I saw the AVGN Movie. I talked about the Nerd in the past as many others have and I don’t think I need to give him an introduction. I have been waiting for this movie since the very first moment I heard of it in 2012. From giving some money to his indie-gogo fundraiser, to watching countless vlogs and reading countless blogs about its progress, to seeing the movie for myself has been a real treat. The theatre was great, Kyle Justin sang a song he wrote for the occasion and a small Q and A session made it a really fun experience. I bought a movie poster signed by the nerd and got both Kevin Finn (a.k.a the Glitch Gremlin [co director]) and Kyle (the Guitar Guy) to autograph my copy of E.T for the Atari 2600 (I still gotta get the Nerd and Mike to sign it when ever I get the opportunity). The movie experience is still the best way to experience cinema and the movie I saw today was well worth the wait.


Seeing random images of the movie made me a little worried that James was going a little overboard. After seeing images of deserts with gov’t agents, carnivals with zombies, cities with giant robots, and the Nerd’s kind of surburbia all I could think of was ‘this is supposed to be about the infamous E.T game?’ Those worries were completely put to rest because the Nerd did not disappoint. All the images I once thought were random were very cohesive and kept the plot going. Even something the Nerd’s supporting character Cooper was going on about in the first act said that would appear to be character exposition ended up being plot important. The comedy was both true to the nerd and all related to the plot with some great random moments for comedic relief. The  movie proved to me that it had a solid plot with solid humor we expect from the nerd.


The care put in this movie was very clear. I heard from Kevin in the Q and A that there had to be at least 85 drafts of the script before the started bringing it to life, and I believe it. All the work and love put into it really made an impression on me and shown me that not all movies today are simply Michael Bay style money makers. The amount of Nerd related easter eggs and game humor really made sure you knew the Nerd well to appreciate the little things in the movie. The cameos were awesome and the intro to the movie was a collection of fans to show the fame of the Nerd and who he is to assure everyone can jump right in to enjoy the movie. I also was able to see some inspirations James has to his love letters to movies he grew up with. The decision to not use CGI only made that more to visible to see eighties movie traditions from classics like Godzilla and Star Wars. It shows James’ love for film and seeing his dreams come true and his gratitude for the fans is an amazing thing.

nerd movie

What I also liked was the Nerd handled leaving the comfort of his basement to the unknown very well. Introducing new characters, new scenery, the Nerd interacting with others (that doesn’t try to hurt or kill or s%*t on him), and developing a lore for the plot was handled very well. Nothing was rushed and the pacing went very well. All of the people and stories behind them were clear and the plot got to move with them. It made the story (along with its twists and turns) and characters very memorable and fun while excellently complementing the Nerd. Its a fun movie for AVGN and gaming fans alike. I highly recommend it and I can’t wait for the DVD.



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