Geek Life – Cartoon Reviews: Johnny Test

Johnny Test is a show that will honestly leave a bad taste in your mouth. Unfortunately this show seems to be making copy-cat cartoons now and I couldn’t be more upset about that. What really made this show such a mess in my opinion was the fact that this show has been through so many different ownerships and channel and voices and writers, etc. The show does have a fun concept and premise of a normal suburban boy doing unbelievable things and going on crazy adventures with/because of his super genius twin sisters. However what this show became was utter blandness and at times annoyingness (…I am aware that isn’t a word). 


This would be the part where I explain the lore and overview of the show, but I already said it. A normal boy has super genius sisters who (with the power of plot convenience) always invents something that has Johnny go on crazy adventures. The two clichés this show does that I’m not a fan of without justification are all adults are stupid and talking Dog. To the shows credit at least Johnny’s parents aren’t stupid, but they are card board cut outs (like many characters in the show), and I have to admit Johnny’s dog Dukey is a pretty cool character. The only issue is in many episodes, all he does is PSA announcements to drill the morals of the story in the viewers head. Unlike many other cartoons I shown here I can’t really say any of the side characters are good, they’re not even numerous. What ends up happening here is a lot of recycled characters doing recycled things. I especially am not a fan of when they have episodes where they base them off old classic cartoons. It was nice the first couple of times, but they do it way too much. Again though to the show’s credit there is a lot of villains to work off of, but some are over used and others and forgotten about when they lose ratings.


Johnny is a stereotypical eleven year old. A skating, video game playing, disrespectful, selfish, jerk. He does learn lessons, but only to forget them instantly in the next episode. He does realize when he screws up and works to fix things and help people, but again only at his own selfish needs. I mean seriously Megas XLR was cancelled because the executives didn’t want kids looking up to Coop, but Johnny gets to stay on the air? Johnny having two twin sisters I think was unnecessary, it only exists to cater to a running gag where they compete for their boy next door neighbor Gil (which is one of the shows safety nets to reach a plot). The two sisters Susan and Mary are exactly the same, we do see them disagree on things, but it doesn’t give them different personalities. In fact if the plot doesn’t demand it, these two are never apart. Dukey like I said is the best character in the show, not a great character but the best. What I like is they do give him a reason for his speech unlike shows like Wild Grinders. He is genetically modified to speak and do whatever the plot needs him to do, he also likes coffee. As always I’m leaving out other characters and I only speak about the main protagonists.


I know I’ve been more harsh then usual, but believe it or not I’m trying my hardest to be nice and lenient on this show. I wanted to talk about this show because it is mindless and is spawning other mindless shows like Sanjay and Craig and Breadwinners. This is a horrible direction for animation that thankfully isn’t lasting being that they are being shattered by quality animated shows like The Legend of Korra, Adventure Time, MLP: FiM, etc. I can’t recommend this show, but it should be remembered as a show that should be cancelled, but isn’t because of how safe it is as a show and easy to write for with its formulaic plots. I’m sorry if I sounded too harsh here, I really don’t like to be this way. 


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