Geek Life: Cartoon Reviews – Steven Universe

Steven Universe is a show that grown on me very quickly. Its a relatively new show on Cartoon Network and I hope it’ll eventually get the same amount of respect that Adventure Time rightfully has. The show has everything right going for it. Like Adventure Time when I first saw trailers for this show I thought it looked stupid, but after seeing how incredibly wrong I was about Adventure Time I decided to give it a shot. All in all, after seeing the show I like what it offers in the character, art design, and animation department; it is all very well done, but what I love the most about the show is its clear and awesome lore.


The show centers around a half human boy named Steven. For reasons we don’t know yet Steven’s human father fell in love with a magical gem woman named Rose Quartz who mysteriously disappeared, the show is making it vague on what happened to her and I can’t wait to see what they’ll uncover about it. Rose Quartz lead the ultimate magical force whose sole purpose is to protect the Universe. The other members include our other main protagonists other than Steven’s beach bum Dad and his crush Connie and other human friends of Steven, Garnet, Amethyst, and Pearl. Each of these Gems use the gems attached to their body to conjure weapons with some secondary effects. Steven has no control of his abilities yet but we did find out that Steven’s gem in his belly button can create a shield he can throw, Pearl can create a spear from the gem on her fore head. Amethyst creates a whip from the gem on her chest, and Garnet creates stone boxing glove like fists from the gems on her hands. The secondary effects from what I have seen in episodes include shape shifting, age shifting, projecting, recharge states within their gems, fusing with other gems, and immortality.


The show is very strong in its lore, it does a great job with having the viewer connect to Steven’s desire to learn all about the gems and their secrets. Of course, Steven is still a kid and his attention span is short, he can be annoying to the other gems, and the gems don’t even know if Steven really can be a fully realized gem, but Steven has a good heart and is very optimistic and happy. He is a good kid with a big destiny to fulfill. Garnet is the silent type, a woman of few words. She is strong and powerful and a peace keeper for the group when the group gets too emotional and begins to fall apart. Amethyst is a very irresponsible and hot headed woman. She is really rough around the edges and loves to flail her fists around, but like Steven (who like to go cause mischief with now and then) she does have a good heart and when odds are against the group Amethyst is the one to go forward despite the odds. Pearl is a bit of a control freak, with Rose Quartz gone Pearl took on the responsibility of leader. She takes things a little too seriously at time and it causes a lot of fights between her and Amethyst for Garnet to break up, but she is a loyal and caring friend who does all she can to help the team advance.


What’s cool about the episodes is it can switch focus between Steven’s human side of life and his gem side of life and a combination of the two. We get to watch Steven learn and grow in different view points, sometimes he is going through magical dungeons and other times he can be spending time with his friends and his Dad. His training is still on going at the time I posted this and I hope you will join Steven on his quest to master his gem. Thank you for reading and your support I hope you’ll check out my videos on game analyses and more on my youtube channel: