Geek Life – New York Comic Con’s Unsatisfactory Communication with the fans

Editors note: I changed the title because I realized that saying customer service was a little vague on what I’m referring to.


Before I start know this; I don’t want to hear from people that I’m just being a big baby for not getting my tickets because I got them. I also don’t want to hear their poor excuse of tickets are getting greater in demand because this post has nothing to do with the tickets selling out fast. This article is to talk about my experience of the worst customer service I ever had. So just to make it clear once more, this has nothing to do with the tickets at all. If anyone even puts the mention of the tickets as a complaint towards this post I will automatically disregard it. Also I mean no disrespect to the staff, I’m sure they’re good people who are doing what they can. I’m just saying what happened from my personal experience. I just wish to see them take more initiative to adjust their system for a bigger audience and improve on showing people they can answer their growing questions and keep them at a peace of mind. Let me assure you I mean no disrespect to the staff that was incharge, I just want to share a need for more professionalism.

If you live on the northern eastern sea board  of the United States like I do and you’re as much of a geek as I am you’d probably be looking forward to NY Comic Con every year. This will be my third year and for the past two years I never had a problem. I went to the site when they alerted me the tickets were on sale and then bought them. This year though was different with an incredibly buggy and confusing queue system that had people waiting for an hour to only be disappointed to seeing the ticket/event they wanted sold out. Now of course everyones disappointed but I for one am also angry not because of the tickets, but the planners of the NYCC event decided to handle this situation. Ever since the four day tickets went on sale all I could think about was how confused and worried I was about getting a ticket. Now if you had an event that is very large and popular wouldn’t it be common sense to make public statements as to what is going on and giving the customers options and insight on the situation they’re in? Well not to New York Comic Con, in fact if they just have given their customers much needed information like where else can there be tickets, what can be done about scalpers, an apology for a lack of information for concerned customers. No instead they always just say “we’re getting more popular and the demand for tickets is higher, stay tuned.” The search for an answer has been difficult where I seen many people ask multiple times on multiple platforms a question and continue to not get an answer. When the four day and VIP tickets sold out in less than an hour I got so sick of hearing “Stay Tuned,” that is not something I want to hear. I want solid information that those guys were handling the situations they placed themselves in with many upset costumers. I need to know I can trust the people in charge of one of my favorite events of the year. They kept giving the excuse that demand for the event is getting higher. Rather than telling us just that why didn’t they prepare for this occurrence?

If they knew demand was growing why didn’t they take the time to consider many factors? For the times they did with that queue thing they better never do again, why didn’t they think of the possible consequences? Their ticket providers showclix also gave me a lot of trouble and I would have loved more information rather than them telling us to try refreshing. They aren’t holding an event for a hundred people, they are holding an event for thousands. They can’t just tell us to try a bunch of things, it just sounds like they don’t know how to handle the situation, if that were the case they should’ve just told us that. A little professionalism on their part would’ve made posts like this one non-existent. It was sad that the only time they ever gave us any solid information for their customers (you know, the people who have work and families and need solid dates and times?) was when the customers had to bother them until they did. Also with the queue I found myself waiting on that same waiting page for an hour reading how it works. Couldn’t they have just walked us through the system requirements and how it worked BEFORE presenting it to people last minute? Then they straight up lie to people around 12:45 that the 3 day passes weren’t sold out when in fact they were sold out. I never seen such disgusting customer service in my life. If it weren’t for the fact that I love this event so much I would never go again. The queue system was very flawed and unfair. After all any time something had a reasonable negative comment towards them they would just ignore it, and every time someone had another question pop in their head to ask the staff they never got an answer.

I really hope the staff makes a statement about  the tickets already on ebay and stub hub and realize that they screwed up. My anxiety is finally gone but my frustration remains. All I hope for now is a way to make it up to the Comic Con community or at least an apology. I no longer trust anything they say and the fact I follow so many of their social media pages and have their app and I’m still confused on the stuff they did, that’s sad. They left us out to dry and made things very difficult for everyone. They pretty much handed their tickets over to scalpers and there’s nothing we can do about it as the people who actually bought/buying tickets because they want to go couldn’t go. I find it strange that tickets would be available for weeks only one year ago and then all of a sudden the year after they don’t even last a day, a huge spike of demand like that should be explained. I’d like an answer for why this year there was such a high increase of demand only so I can reach a better understanding, but I know I’m not getting an answer. I need direct information whenever I can get it, that’s why I signed up for the email list, because I work a lot and I go to school. I really need to know exactly what’s going on, especially since they are making big changes like a queue. Again no disrespect and I’m still excited for the con, but I just was very disappointed in what I’ve been seeing with them the past couple of weeks.


The link I gave to the NYCC facebook page has a new post from the VP of  ReedPOP Lance Fensterman who gave an open apology to the fans that were upset over their actions regarding the tickets. He also said in detail what has happened on both our end and their end to help us understand the situation. Frankly they should’ve done this in the first place as it was happening because that is what upset and frustrated me to no end. Regardless they finally gave me what I wanted to hear and gave me the information I wanted to know. For those saying that the complaining wasn’t necessary let me just say that you only feel this way because you have more experience with this team and you’re used to these procedures. For people like me who are still learning, the lack of solid communication (and not try hitting refresh, if not try this, if not try this, etc, etc) made us all nervous, anxiety driven, and frustrated. That is not something that people should feel during a ticket buying process. A good example of a high demand ticketed event going well from my recent experience was buying tickets for the AVGN Movie Premiere (Which had an event larger limit on tickets). I went there later on cause I wanted to make sure any of my friends wanted to go and I was upset to see that the closest screening to me was sold out. Keep in mind I was not angry or frustrated or anxiety driven, just upset and I blamed myself for waiting. Luckily though the theater was nice enough to add a time slot that I quickly paid for. It was easy to understand, efficient, and James Rolfe himself was even able to keep us as up to date as possible and is even working hard to let other people see the movie by so far getting a Canadian release. On the NYCC side I did not get any of that kind of easy and welcoming experience. I am very happy that NYCC did make an apology and explained the circumstance and I am now more than willing to forgive and forget and see how they’ll improve next year.


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