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Okay let me just complete my fort and put my armor on for this one … okay ready!

Because of the fame (or infamy depending on what you think) this show has been getting I am aware what I’m getting myself into here. Now I think I should start this off with how I was introduced to this show. Even though I am a huge fan of the Hub network I never actually heard of this show until the Brony movement on the internet that got some people up in arms. I had no idea what the show was like at all. I never even saw a commercial. For a long time I just acknowledged it existed I never had any problems with the Brony community (I even have Brony friends), and I just let it be. Combined with the huge thing with the show on the internet, what really gave me an incredible curiosity and urge to watch the show was the developer of the show Lauren Faust. If you don’t know who she is, she is one of my favorite animators. Along with many other projects she was part of great projects like The Iron Giant, The PowerPuff Girls, and Foster’s Home for Imaginary Friends. Even before MLP I always noticed her talent for taking anything that would seem to be orientated for a single gender and making it something for people of both genders and of all ages. It was learning that she was part of the show that finally tipped the iceberg and got me to watch the show on Netflix. I am currently caught up with the series to make sure I get a full opinion on it, so here’s what I think.


The show explores a world inhabited by not just ponies but any (for lack of a better term) “horse-like” creatures. The show does take time to explore the world and its lore, but it focuses on six main ponies with the leader Twilight Sparkle. Twilight came to a simple place called Ponyville to continue her studies with honing her magic abilities. There was also an ulterior motive of having her discover friendship. When she did by meeting and traveling with another 5 ponies she met at her arrival (against her will), her and the other five became the chosen ponies of Equestria. They’ve all gained powerful objects known as the elements of harmony they are sure to use whenever danger hits their home and powerful forces they must fight emerge. Now this is usually only for season premieres and finales the rest of the show takes the time to explore the characters, their histories and lore, and world around them. Now a lot of what I said is old news now and at the current point of the show a lot has changed which I won’t say for spoiler reasons.


Now something that clearly keeps people away from the show is obviously the fact that it is part of the My Little Pony franchise. A franchise that in the past was clearly mindless movies and programs to get some money off of little girls. This time however I advise you that this series is definitely different from that, it has a lot of effort put into it and a lot of careful consideration. Believe me I understand why people wouldn’t want to give this show a look at, but I for one am glad I gave it a chance. To me (as I usually do think) the characters are what make the show for me. I find these characters to be so real and believable that I really do forget their ponies sometimes. I also enjoy the art direction for the characters as they look much better than past incarnations which look creepy. Their designs show their personalities very nicely and their color pallet possibilities are endless here. The characters are also very diverse that watching any of them interact with another always makes a interesting story. When these people are happy its justified and understandable, when they’re mad its justified and understandable, when they get their egos challenged its justified and understandable, when they aspire its justified and understandable, and I can go on and on. Its the qualities of the characters that pull together the great writing from the show. Even though there are more great side characters like the Princesses of Equestria, The Cutie Mark Crusaders, and Zecora I’ll just talk about the main six who are all very legitimate friends.

twilight sparkle

Twilight Sparkle is a very friendly and out going pony. Nothing is more important to her than gaining knowledge and organization. She is known to be overly cautious and anxious at times. She does worry too much at times and she can be a total bookworm, but she is a honest, humble, and powerful pony (a common trait for all of the ponies).

pinkie pie

Pinkie Pie was a pony that really annoyed me at first (which I guess was the point), but I learned to understand and accept her as the series moved on. She is extremely energetic and perky. She lives to make other ponies smile and show them a good time. She makes sure to see the good in everyone and must be friends with everyone she meets. She’s a goofball and can inadvertently get on your bad side, but she is a very happy and go-lucky pony.

apple jack

Apple Jack is my favorite pony of the six. She is  a hard working girl that work’s on Ponyville’s apple farm. She is a very honest and caring pony who’s not afraid to get tough when needed. She is strong and wise. She may get stubborn and can get carried away with things, but she is a good natured pony.


Fluttershy is an extremely shy pony who isn’t social at all. The only way she truly expresses herself is with animals that she takes care of and protects. She isn’t very assertive but she makes up for that with great kindness and motherly attention when needed. She can hold people back with her many fears, but she is a very nice and caring pony.


Rarity is a pony dedicated to fashion and cleanliness. She is a very generous pony and a very dignified lady. However I do also think she is the most flawed out of all of the main cast (which isn’t a problem at all). She can be a germaphobe, she can be vain, she’s known to be dishonest and bratty now and then, and she can be all about herself at times. Still though she is a great friend who doesn’t want to let anyone down. She does look out for the people she cares about and is a very polite pony.

rainbow dash

Rainbow Dash is all about being fast and cool. She’s a very competitive and brash pony with a heart of gold. She really has a passion for what she does as a professional flyer and shows a lot of excitement for her interests. She does tend to be more concerned with her image than anything else and she can be self centered at times, but she is a very loyal pony with excellent priorities.


Now if you’re wondering about my status as a Brony I can’t really say. The Brony community (not just referring to the male fans) has really shown a lot of praise with the show and had a lot of fun with it like creating characters like Derpy Hooves from an animation mistake in episode 1. That’s something I couldn’t do when I used to watch the Powerpuff Girls (That I am enjoying on boomerang again). I do however really enjoy the show for its great writing and characters and consider myself a fan. I guess if you will I am (for lack of a better term) an “in the closet Brony,” but I don’t really know. Still the show is now on the Hub Network and the first three seasons are on Netflix so I can recommend this show to anyone.


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