Cartoon Reviews – The Steven Spielberg Cartoons 4 of 4 – Freakazoid

We end with probably the most underrated super heroes ever. Freakazoid took an interesting turn for Spielberg to try. He had focus on one character, and he gave the super hero thing a try. Now I could write the longest most detailed intro to the show ever, but the theme song I feel says it all. I don’t usually put videos in my articles, but please take a listen. I apologize in advance for the long span of time this theme is stuck in your head.

This in my opinion is the best theme Spielberg has for his cartoons. It perfectly shows what the show has to offer, what it is about, and who the main protagonist is. Now just because Freakazoid is the only protagonist in the show, doesn’t mean there isn’t a colorful cast of characters we expect from Spielberg. However I must say, even if it didn’t have Dexter’s (Freakazoid’s) family and friends and all of the awesome villains and guests, Freakazoid is an interesting character. He reminds me a lot of deadpool but much more cartoony (yes I just said that!), he is (in a very general sense) a schizophrenic super hero with the power of super strength and speed. He is completely out of his mind. He bounces around everywhere full of energy. He never takes anything seriously and just loves to pull pranks and make the viewer laugh and laugh. He’s a very colorful and quirky character that compliments his geeky, introverted, and socially awkward alter ego [Dexter] extremely well.


The cartoon is the silliest of them all and it completely obliterates the fourth wall to the point where it never existed. It is set up a lot like a super hero cartoon should work, in fact it is pretty much a parody of them. Along with random tangents and jump cuts. Its a very fast paced show that is very exciting. The show has a way of being focused, but have no focus at all and that is what I love about the show. It is one of those cartoons that are very hard to find. I managed to find some on youtube, but who knows how long that will last. I really want the Hub to add this show on their amazing roster. That would be great!


So here is where the first of many Cartoon Review Marathons ends. I won’t be doing this constantly but I feel its good to honor a certain grouping of cartoons in a row, rather than spread apart. Starting with the Spielberg cartoons I felt was the best possible start. These cartoons are getting lost to the public eye and I think that is a great injustice. These cartoons were just so masterfully crafted and very entertaining. I salute the Hub Network for bringing back Tiny Toons and The Animaniacs. I just hope they get Freakazoid and Pinky and the Brain in on it too. These cartoons were the cornerstones of many people’s childhoods. They are cartoons that should be handed down for generations. After all what else would you expect from the great Steven Spielberg. Thank you for reading and your support, I hope you’ll check out my videos on game analyses and more on my youtube channel:


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