Cartoon Reviews – The Steven Spielberg Cartoons 3 of 4 – Pinky and the Brain

Out of all the Animaniacs out there, it was Pinky and the Brain that had the honor to get their own full show. I guess this review is really gonna be more about why they got their own show, but if you watched the animaniacs I’m sure you could fully understand why.Every Animaniac could easily hold their own show for a full 30 minute slot. It was Pinky and the Brain though that won a lot of people’s attention. When I ask people who their favorite animaniac is Pinky and the Brain is the most common answer. I too hold this as a close second on my list and the great writing and characters show for it (As per the norm for the Spielberg cartoons).  What really makes the show like many other great cartoons in the past is the duo formula, and this show really delivers on that with an interesting back story.


The back story is cleverly said in the theme song already but I’ll tell you it anyway (it’s not complicated). In Acme Labs many of their experiments were done on their two lab mice. These lab mice after gene splicing experiments (unknowingly to the scientist) gave these mice the brain capacities of a human being. This gave them the ability to speak, think, and walk on two feet. What was interesting is one of them is a genius and the other’s insane. What I like is sometimes in the show the casually say the plot “actually we’re two lab rats bent on taking over the world” and no one believes them. I love that all of the Spielberg shows has that I don’t care about the fourth wall or taking things seriously attitude and this show did that so well. It seems that it was the show that got Spielberg and Warner Bros. to branch out from the Tiny Toons formula and go out to try new things without forgetting who they were as writers. Like all his other cartoons, this show went anywhere they wanted with setting, plot, and character and I loved every bit of it. Also if you’re interested, there was a cool spin off series of this show too where Pinky and the Brain lost their home of Acme Labs after it shut down and the mice were adopted by none other than Elmyra Fudd. So I’m sure you can see why that is hilarious.


Unlike the past Spielberg cartoons this show went to having a whole cast, to trying out the duo method. I like that move a lot, especially since in the past cartoons with duos are always a great move. It was especially clever to use a show already established with the Animaniacs. Brain is a super genius with a lust of world domination. Every night when the lab closes, that is when the two mice start their latest plan by Brain to take over the world. With failure after failure Brain never gives up and I admire that. As for Pinky he is a fun loving and insane dope that just loves to pal around with Brain on his adventures. What I love about Pinky is he never realizes the evil he is helping to do, because they fail after every plan he thinks its a game they play every night making Pinky one happy guy. A happy dope and a miserable genius, sounds like a great duo to me. Not a complicated show, but a clever and fun one at that. Thank you for reading and your support, I hope you’ll check out my videos on game analyses and more on my youtube channel:

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