Reviews – The Steven Spielberg Cartoons 2 of 4 – The Animaniacs

Okay so let me make this the first statement of this review… THIS SHOW IS BRILLIANT! It is a masterpiece and I can’t stress that enough. Spielberg took his brilliant formula from Tiny Toons and made it even better. With Tiny Toons being based off of the immortal Looney Tunes there was a very safe bet there, and they greatly succeeded. With Animaniacs, new never before seen characters were introduced so there was a lot more riding on this one. The way I like to see the show is both a show that gave Disney a run for its money with Warner Bros as well as a perfect blend of classic and modern animation. The show offers a lot of memorable characters, they take advantage of limitless possibilities, making tons of pop-culture references (that actually works well), and is just full of fun. Like Tiny Toons, this show is just so off the wall, obliterates the fourth wall, and just exists to do what cartoons do best.


Now the cast of characters are large and vary greatly. They are all very entertaining in their own way. They have their own lives, their own satire, and yet we know they are animaniacs.


The Stars are the crazy siblings The Warner Bros … and the Warner sister. Yakko, Wakko, and Dot solved the mystery of what’s inside of the famous Warner Bros Water Tower. These three nut cases run around the Warner Bros famous Movie Lot causing all sorts of mischief. They try to be made sane by the Warner Bros Psychiatrist (who became crazy himself trying to fix the Warners) Dr.Scratchansniff with his assistant Hello Nurse. They even have the “Warner Bros Company President” making appearances. The Warners would even run into other people’s segments and they just caused a lot of mischief and made many laughs. One of my favorite parts of their show is the Wheel of Morality. The Wheel of Morality gave a random moral of the story after nearly every episode (and they never had anything to do with the episode). What I loved about this segment was the fact that it out right made fun of the heavy PSA announcements in all cartoons at the time. This show was just full of creative parody like that. Even today I find this show fresh and timeless, even with the pop-culture references.


Chicken Boo is very simple and fun. It serves as a filler gag where this chicken somehow ends up in disguise as a popular person and even though he is clearly a chicken, it takes the whole cartoon for people to find out the truth. Other filler gags to mention are Good Idea, Bad Idea, (the name escapes me) this boy that runs out of a house says a one story sentence and runs back in, a seductive mouse named Minerva Mink, and other occasional shorts that can be either very crazy and funny, very well thought out and interesting, or both.


The Goodfeathers are a parody of the growing popularity of mobsters in the media and popular movies like Scarface and the Godfather. These three pigeons are some crazy trio that go around Manhattan acting tough and clever when they are the opposite. They get into so many crazy situations based on their greed or egos. All the mobster movie clichés are there, along with fast and quirky slap-stick. It’s simply a good time just like any other animaniac.



This duo here is typically the most forgotten of the animaniacs and its a shame really. I mean granted they don’t show up as often as many of the animaniacs, but when they do show up its a really nice experience. These two are a tough and clever alley cat named Rita with a loyal but stupid dog Runt. They are inseparable house pets looking for a home. What makes this segment of the show is Rita’s songs acting as a parody to disney style musical animations. They are a fun duo and what I like about this segment is that this segment out of all the animaniacs takes itself the most seriously… but not by all that much.


Slappy Squirrel is my favorite animaniac. She is so hilarious all the time and I just love everything about her cartoons. She is a retired cartoon star that now lives as an old grump with her optimistic nephew. She exists in the animaniacs to make fun of the heavily censored and “child friendly” cartoons that came about at the time. She’s a grumpy but lovable old gal that shows people how cartoons should be done and boy does she deliver.

These cartoons made it all for many people’s childhoods. People this show is back on the Hub Network, so do yourself a favor and check it out. They were funny, well thought out, and light hearted, what else could you expect from Spielberg and Warner Bros. For fans of the show I know what you’re thinking. You’re wondering why I left out a certain duo. Well that is because they earned their own spin off I intend to talk about. So until then, thank you for reading and your support, I hope you’ll check out my videos on game analyses and more on my youtube channel:

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