Super Hero Spotlight: Captain America

I know I’m in the middle of a four part cartoon review at the time I posted this, but I wanted to do this now while I’m inspired. I just got out of the movies and saw Captain America: The Winter Soldier. So with that here is the Super Hero Spotlight on the great Capt. America.


Born in the year 1918 Steve Rodgers became a very weak and sickly man by the time America joined the second Great War. His spirit however was the strongest spirit anyone has ever seen. So desperate to defend his country in WWII he signed up to take part on a gov’t experiment of creating the perfect soldier or a “Super Soldier” if you will, and Steve had the perfect morale for the job. So after taking the Super Soldier serum he became Captain America. In many continuities he also ends up in a cryogenic state whether from illness or by accident (or “accident”) and ends up in the present day when people need him more than ever.


Captain America’s abilities are similar to Superman’s, but on a much more realistic scale. Capt. being the only Super Soldier (because after his transformation spies came in and the lab and serum were destroyed and lost) has upgraded power increases of the natural abilities of human. He has super strength mainly with increased speed, stamina, and agility, but more importantly he has the finest training the U.S Army has to offer and an incredible tactical mind. However, he is still human and all the vulnerabilities come with it. It is harder for him to be taken down and it takes a lot to hurt him, but he still has to stay on his toes.


What I love about Capt. is both his spirit/morale and his troubles of being a man from yesterday in a world of tomorrow. Capt. is a very close second for my favorite heroes list and I connect greatly to this hero. The reason why is (if I may share a little something about myself if you don’t mind) I am an Eagle Scout and my time in the Boy Scouts taught me a lot about morals, character, honor, and patriotism. I hold these values I picked up from roughing it in the woods and leading a troop to success very close to my heart. Not only does Capt. hold those values to his heart too, but he also shows the benefits of it too by putting others before himself. Capt. holds the true merits of bravery and heroism and will always do what is right for the freedom of others, even if he must take his own life to do it. With him being in the present day it is also hard for him to adjust to a new world, but his goals and love for his fellow man are the same. His mission never changes and never stops. Capt. shows that time is but an illusion where evil always exists, but as long as one does what is right and holds a pure heart good is always there to stop it. Thank you for reading and your support, I hope you’ll check out my videos on game analyses and more in my youtube channel:


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