Geek Life: Super Hero Spot Light – Superman

Not only am I a fan of gaming and animation, but I also enjoy the world of graphic novels. So its time to expand for me here on nGeekLife. Here on Super Hero Spot Light, I will taking a look at some of the popular and not so popular characters found in the comic book universe. I will speak a bit about their origin, their abilities and their weaknesses, and the interesting characteristics of their personality/why I enjoy the character. So as an introduction to the series I thought why not start with The Man of Steel.


Superman being the first ever superhero started an amazing following and began it all. Superman was born on the planet Krypton as Kal-El, father of Jor-El. Jor-El was criticized for his crazy theory that the planet of Krypton was going to explode. [Depending on the continuity] The leaders of Krypton trusted Brainiac over Jor-El saying the planet was fine. Of course Jor-El later finds out that Brainiac (a computer entity meant to record all knowledge of the universe) felt that to fulfill his programing Brainiac must destroy a planet once he learned everything about the planet and move on to another planet to learn all of their information. So with that in Brainiacs mind, it told Jur-El he was correct and the cause was Brainiac himself. During the destruction of his planet Jor-El and his wife Lara made the difficult decision to send their only son into space. This lead Kal to the planet Earth, where he was found by a farm couple, the Kents and Kal was given the name Clark. Clark would then move to the big city Metropolis as a mild mannered reporter, but when trouble calls he rushes to become Superman! Fighting for Truth, Justice, and the American Way!

superman 2 superman 2

Kypton was in a galaxy with a red sun, but since our galaxy has a yellow sun its radiation is what gives Superman his power. Too bad we didn’t have a blue sun, because then Superman’s power would be tripled in strength. With our sun’s radiation Superman’s entire body gets enhanced to super levels. Basically every ability a human being possesses is super charged for Superman plus the ability to fly. Superman along with flying has invulnerability, super strength, super hearing, super vision (that includes x-ray, telescopic, and heat ray vision), super breath that can create tornados, super thought, and super speed. In the Silver Age (basically earlier 20th century before they updated and modernized the characters) Superman did have a lot of other bizarre and plot convenient powers that are no longer the case. Now with abilities there will also be weaknesses of course. For one thing there is Superman’s famous weakness Kryptonite. Which are exploded pieces of Superman’s home planet whose radiation (unless under the red sun) both slowly kills Superman painfully and zaps away his power. He is also highly vulnerable to magic. Any wielder of magic can really pack a punch and are lethal to Big Blue. Also a final weakness is fighting one who equals to Superman’s power that when compared to makes Superman become the equivalent of an average human.

Evolution_of_Superman superman 3

Now something I hear a lot is that people say Superman is too powerful, but with the mentioned weaknesses I think that is a weak analysis. A lot of people seem to have a beef with Superman either because of this reason or that he is a bland character, but I am here to say both of those common reasons are bogus. Now of course if you don’t like Superman that’s fine, I’m just defending him for these two common reasons to dislike him that are just bogus. What I love about Superman is having to watch one of the most powerful beings in the universe live on Earth. Superman as he puts it feels like he lives in a world of cardboard. Having to hold himself back even with his enemies to avoid destroying possibly the planet itself. Superman became the leading protector of the world and has all of said troubles placed on his shoulders. Everyone wishes to be him, but Superman would trade his heavy responsibilities and burdens in a second. He must be pure at heart or else he would destroy everything he loves. At the same time though if Superman’s ego is threatened he can become a hot head and act on impulse instead of reason. Superman is a troubled soul that no one can even begin to understand, why else would he need a fortress of solitude? Superman started it all and to this day is a household name. He is one amazing hero. Thank you for reading and your support, I hope you’ll check out my videos on game analyses and more on my youtube channel:


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