A Small Look At Planet of the Apps

from planet of the apps

First of all I would like to give a big “GAME ON!” for the folks who woke up due to the 4.7 earthquake, no damage happened, but it sure won’t be good news for the next days, god bless you all and GOD BLESS AMERICA! I can hear the claps right now :D.

So I’ve seen lots of indie companies break out and become really popular, and today I got to see a new one, Planet of the Apps. Usually you’ve got to check the games they have made or possibly are making which is supposed to be on the website, but that got me startled, Planet of the Apps is the first indie company to get my attention so fast from the start at this one thing, their website!


Well that’s what the website says, but it got my attention to the fact that they care about making their games good. Now what I don’t know if its really the truth or not? Why? Simply because I still didn’t  check ANY of the games they’ve made as of the moment I’m typing these words, but… What’s it going to be?

Planet of the Apps” develops games and applications for mobile platforms. When you take a look at their Facebook page and their Twitter account, you’ll find them trying to be more friendly with the customers and not take things in serious matter which is good for starters to get a good crowd.

The company is mostly known for Puzzleface, a trivia game were you have to guess the celebrity from an image of him/her … Well you’re probably better off checking it out! Their’s also this game called, Alley cat saga which is an upcoming 2D action platformer for iOS & Android were a cat named Smokey has his family kidnapped. Smokey needs to save his kittens before the evil thieve sells them on the black market… What’s the game? Well you have 20 kittens to save and 8 different mini games to play, but the game is still in development and it should be getting better!

Thanks for reading everyone, until next time…


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