nGeeklife: The Future Printed in 3D

Okay so usually when someone listens to the word “printer“, he thinks of the inkjet thrown somewhere home, the laser printer he sees in his office, but I’m pretty sure there’s nothing fun about being able to print these things, right? I’m going to talk about a future trend known as, 3D Printer!

Simply, a normal printer puts some ink, powder, or maybe some holes around the paper to make something meaningful, the 3D printer is not this typical paper thing, it’s probably EVERYTHING, but that.

something from 3d printer

Imagine your imaginary 9 year old kid asked you for a small model that looks like Professor Layton, now are you really going to make it? I won’t, that’s for sure! With a 3D printer, you can add the needed components(paper and cardboard), decide the look of the model (in this case, Professor Layton). Just count till 10 and you’ll find it there! Now wouldn’t that be great? Well it’s already happening!

3d printer explanation thing

You probably know what’s a;ready on my mind, but to make it just a bit more clear, ANYTHING can be made, as long as the machine can. It’s being used for human tissues for crying out loud, others are using it for fashion (I mean making clothes, not wearing the printer of course) and lots of other things. The technology is good for everyone, in 2013, a crippled duck was given a new foot… I would love a 4th arm you know!

Aside of the 4th arm thing, here’s what I would LOVE to have the  3D printer make for me, don’t forget to tell me what you want!

  • 3 Legs
  • New Shoes
  • A gift for my girlfriend
  • A girlfriend
  • Smartphone Covers
  • Money
  • Money
  • Money
  • 4 Legs
  • Naruto Costume
  • Watch Dogs character’s jacket
  • A new girlfriend cause the old one would break up with me by now
  • A Project for my imaginary son
  • An imaginary son
  • Imagination
  • Nintendo Logo
  • Captain America’s shield
  • Nintendo

Hey there! Don’t judge me! Thanks for reading everyone, until next time…



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