-nGeeklife Review- Thor: The Dark World

Usually when someone is watching a movie alone, he can express the gratitude of watching it right, that is why I’m really happy that I was able to peacefully watch a movie at home, alone, and remember everything in it!

Mmalekith from Thor 2

In Thor: The Dark World, Earth faces the danger of Malekith, a dark elf who wants to destroy the universe using a weapon called “The Aether”, however, the weapon falls in none other than Jane Foster’s hands… Actually, body.

Now I know you don’t want any spoilers, but what’s a review without ratings and story spoils, and I have chose to put only one, and leave the rating to IMDB and its likes. The next paragraph which will be in italic will have spoilers, so you probably don’t want to read it if you haven’t watched it, but if you’re not going to watch it anytime soon, you should be reading on!

Thor 2 with Jane in Asgard

To continue the story from the previous paragraph, when Malekith and his followers manage to escape the cells of Asgard and get back to their homeland. Sometime before this happens, Thor finds Jane having some trouble with the police thanks to the Aether, Thor then decides to take her to Asgard to hide, and find a way to take the weapon out of her.

Now as Malekith’s escape is moving, they go to find Jane so they can take the weapon from her, but as Frigga, Thor and Loki’s mother was trying to help Jane, she’s killed by Malekith, only to have Thor thunder Malekith’s face with anger, but he manages to escape anyway.

Thor 2 with Jane and Loki

Loki (who’s also in Asgard cells) faces his anger, and is offered an escape with Thor to destroy the Aether, and kill Malekith, of course Odin (Thor and Loki’s father) doesn’t accept that, and decides to wait for Malekith to come, but with the help of some of the guardians, Thor and Loki manage to escape with Jane as bait.

When they reach Malekith in front of him and his troops, Loki gives a big dip with his dagger into Thor’s body and lets him slide down the on the ground to Malekith as he watches. When Thor tries to call his hammer, Loki cuts off his hand right before it gets to him, leaving Thor to watch Malekith rule. Loki then offers Jane to Malekith in return of destroying Asgard. When the Aether is all in the air and almost reaching Aether’s body, Thor yells to Loki as he stops the illusion (the whole knife and hand cutting was an illusion showing Loki’s powers), Thor calls his hammer and destroys the Aether, only to find its pieces forming again and going into Malekith.

thor 2 jane and malekith

A fight commences between Thor and Loki against Malekith’s troops until Loki saves Thor, but ends up dying, that is a moment the got me to tears as Loki and Thor share their last moment together as actual brothers. Thor takes Jane and hide in a cave where they discover another portal in a nearby cave and reunite in London with Darcy, and Jane’s mentor Dr. Erik Selvig.

Malekith’s plan was to  unleash the Aether at the center of the Convergence in Greenwich, and have the dark elves rule the world, but in a battle between him and Thor, he is left in Svartalfheim where his  body is crushed by a damaged ship. After the events, Odin decides to give the thrown to Thor who declines it, then tells him about Loki’s sacrifice. Just after leaving, Odin’s form changes only to find that it’s none other than Loki.

Thor 2 with the collector

If there’s one thing I’ve learned, it’s to never to leave a Marvel movie until the end of the credits and by end I do mean “the end” since their was a mid-credit scene and one at the end… The first one shows Volstagg and Sif visiting the Collector and entrust the Aether to his care, however, as they leave, the Collector says, “One down, five to go.” In the 2nd one, Jane and Thor reunite on Earth, while somewhere in London a frost monster that was accidentally transported to Earth during the final battle, continues to run amok. Good job, Thor!

Marvel continues to appeal to me every time I watch a new movie, every time I feel that they won’t be topping the last one, a new bomb is dropped, Marvel keeps proving why it’s still in the business. Thor: The Dark World is one of the movies that really moved me, and got me in shock, it’s well worth every minute. I found moments to laugh, moments to be taken with the action, and moments to cry for two people I can’t mention.

Thanks for reading everyone, until next time…


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