Mighty Monday…Quest and Loot!

epic loot featured image

If you’re happy and you know it, clap your hands! If you want to attack your neighbors, clap your hands, if you really hate some people and you really want to see it, if you really hate someone… Go attack them in The Mighty Quest for Epic Loot… Wow, that went out of the tune in my head.

When you go and download this 600MB game, you’ll probably have 5 minutes to think about the beauty of life, and then you’ll be loving Ubisoft for 10 minutes while it verifies the game’s files, and these 10 minutes of love keep happening every time you open the game, and again, and again, and again.

in a battle epic loot

If you’re one to read comments and reviews before picking up a game, you’ll probably see that this game is a waste of time, a buggy overhaul and really boring… Well it’s free to play, and it has a really small download size so… Why not? Well just the fact that it’s Ubisoft made me ignore this, because I trust Ubisoft, and the comments didn’t make much sense, it’s open beta for a reason, people!

At the start of the game, I barely had anything in mind about what it is, I only saw a couple of screenshots and I read the reviews on Steam a little, somethings just make you want to try them… Okay I have no explanation to what I did, sorry.

Don't worry, you can zoom in A LOT more!

Don’t worry, you can zoom in A LOT more!

Imagine Clash of Clans, and now imagine Dota, mix these two with lots of loot, what do you have? A game where you have a castle that you keep upgrading it more and more, adding monsters, traps, and more rooms trying to have your enemy have a hard time trying to beat you, why did I say a hard time? Simply because I don’t see a way that you can lose when attacking another castle, and that really makes the game more about you upgrading your castle, which gets even more boring if no one can lose, that’s something every player can see missing.

The game is filled with some pun jokes here and their, you’ll have your character laugh at the enemy’s username, but sometimes yours too… Ubisoft didn’t think that one out I guess.

eding inventory epic loot

So you know you can defend your castle, and you know you can attack… What else is there to it? Well you’re not attacking just with skill, it’s a hack and slash game after all. You’ll be upgrading your character, making him more powerful, getting him more equipment, and making him look better,it might not be Torchlight or Dragon Quest equipment crazy, but it’s still kind of good.

Now the sum up is that… Well you have a castle to keep upgrading and making it more powerful, you also have lots of levels to attack, and your character to get more powerful, not to mention the leaderboard online, and the fact that it’s still open. I can see the game being more popular and getting lots of fixes done, not to mention the fact that unlike most free to play games, you can attack more and not have to buy things online.

lots of loot in epic loot

The final point is loot, the most important thing is loot, with the voice acting and all the killing, you’ll be a sick person trying to kill and kill to get more loot, I think this game would be great on a tablet given to the fact that there’s nothing to select and nowhere to use the keyboard except in attacks which can be visualized somewhere, the Wii U is an even better place!… But at the state it is right now, that is a little long away from happening.


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