Tomb Raider -Review-

Tomb Raider Lara 1 escape

The 2013 greatness, the game that was supposed to let down old fans of the powerful Croft girl, became one of the greatest reboots, and one of the greatest games ever played. I only bought the game about… Well two months I think, that’s how much it takes to download about 7GB of content at my place, sadly. When I first played this game, their were only a couple of things that went through my head:

  1. I should go to sleep.
  2. I only played one Tomb Raider on the PS1, and it had lots of triangle-shaped you know what *wink*wink*, and of course jumping.
  3. I should go to sleep.
  4. The only thing I remember about this game is the scene were a wolf attacks Lara, and when some guy tells her… “You’re a Croft!”
  5. Where’s my teddy?

Don’t worry, I didn’t sleep, after watching all the cut-scenes, after diving into the touching story of this girl trying to show people what and who she is, a girl that trusts her instincts, I’ve never been into a story so much, mainly because I’ve never really cared about Tomb Raider before, I was like… 8 when I first played that game and I’m pretty sure %15 of the game was even beaten.

Tomb Raider Lara Falling

The story starts with Lara’s  first expedition aboard the ship Endurance. A storm went on when the ship went through the dragon’s triangle instead of following Whitman’s advise, leaving them stranded in Yamatai, the crew’s main intention. Throughout the story they get lost multiple times and meet people that keep tracking her friend Sam, and keep talking about many things. Before everything, Lara and the crew’s only intentions was leaving the island, but every time they try and do anything, a sudden storm hits and damages the way out. After recognizing that they can in no way run away except after completing… well something, and after losing many of their friends, they venture once more deep into Yamatai, do what has to be done, and leave.

Maybe the final point of the story doesn’t make much sense, well that’s because it will spoil the game, and we don’t want that now do we? The gameplay isn’t this big open world were you can go and finish some missions here or there, it’s nothing like that. The game also isn’t level-based, it’s really like both of these world designs in one.

You have only one way to get to a place, after finishing that you have another place, then another, but you don’t choose it, you go to it, all the time I’ve played it and I never used the fast travel option, not once, mainly because the road to a place is filled with things I keep wanting to experience. I’m not hijacking a car, but I’m sliding down a rope to get past a steep fall. I’m climbing my way up the hill, I’m fighting a huge samurai, even the normal gun fights have their own way in the game, not much change, but you’ll want to be smart getting out, taking cover and all that.

Tomb Raider In Level

The game is a great adventure thanks to both story and gameplay, it’s also a great platformer, and jumping here is serious business, it might be an action-adventure, but it’s also a great platformer. Sometimes in a fight, the enemy will get close and it’s either death or survival if stupid archers are helping him, that’s when a quick time event has to happen, the Y (or E if you’re using the keyboard) button means serious business in fights, while the X (I don’t know what it’s on the keyboard actually :P) button means serious business for things like climbing and advancing through a place. Dare I say it too, you’re seriously wrong if you think most of the gameplay is fighting and using your gun, that’s a big fat no actually, the game keeps a strong track in the movement and getting from one place to another, I honestly liked that a lot more!

Lara end Tomb Raider

I can’t say Tomb Raider is any better than the older games because I barely played them, but I can pretty much say that it’s a great game! It’s worth playing a whole bunch, and it deserves all the reception it got. Now the game isn’t without it’s flaws, though the story is great, but it leaves you sometimes thinking about how it was told in the first place. The gameplay is all good, it’s all fun, but it doesn’t have a perfect sense all the time, the music sure was great and the graphics are great even at the lowest of settings. With all this I think the game deserves a strong 9/10! Thanks for reading everyone, until next time…



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