I Review… I, Frankenstein

So this movie is probably the one I’ve mostly been really excited about for the past months. As I got back from the institution (Thankfully did great, stupid midterms!), I bought the DVD and ran right home, only to have no power, don’t be surprised, we survive 3 hours like that everyday, that’s why you’ll find a generator or an APS machine in almost every house.

I, Frankenstein was really a spontaneous treat, the first thing that made me choose to get it is… Well let’s see, everyone knows Frankenstein, everybody knows about the myth, it’s said that he created a being, and well, the trailer showed demons and battles, and gargoyles, sometimes you just can’t help but admire the beauty of the presentation. Well thank the lord it didn’t disappoint me that I chose to watch it!

i frankenstein thing

Frankenstein created this being with great power, but no soul. Frankenstein did not like his creation for some kind so he tried to destroy it, however, it wasn’t destroyed! Frankenstein’s creation decided to get his revenge and killed Frankenstein’s wife, Elizabeth. Later the creator chased his creation for revenge, he chased him across the globe, but ended up freezing in the cold Arctic weather.

When Frankenstein’s creation reaches the place he wanted to bury his creator, he gets attacked by demons, only to later be saved by gargoyles who take him to the cathedral which is filled with other gargoyles (It’s to be noted that both gargoyles and demons take the shape of a human, but can change their look back to their normal shape whenever they want). The queen names the creation, Adam, and she gives him weapons to defend himself. She tells him about a war that has been going on between demons and gargoyles for centuries to defend mankind, now Adam is part of the war.

i frankenstein adam

Adam chooses to take two blunt objects as a weapon and left to hide, so much time passed that he lost track of time, he thought the the demons aren’t searching for him anymore, but he trained alone without anybody’s help. Later Adam decides to go kill demons instead of having them find him. Again he finds himself in a middle of a fight, and then gargoyles taking him over to the cathedral.

Sadly, the article stops here, this is merely a part of the great story, and telling you the rest would make the movie boring, now I wanted to add something that I’ve learned. When deciding on a movie, NEVER! EVER! Take the scores of reviews in counting, IMDB awarded the movie about a 54/100 while Rotten Tomatoes awarded it (actually it’s not an awarded thing because it’s really bad!) an extremely surprising 4/100, and no I didn’t forget to put a number near the “4” there, that’s really their rating. While I always respect people’s opinion, some of them are annoying, and just to add this for other people to note. Giving things low rates doesn’t make you a good reviewer, the way I see it is that you have to give out the positives, and mention the negatives, giving people a good decision and give the “thing”  I’ll say, a deserved rating. Thanks for reading everyone, until next time…



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