Coming Soon…

Oh wow, the last article was 5 days ago? But I was on a roll! Well every absent writer has his…  Well it’s midterms and I had to.  I had three tests today, and the 4th was home, why you say? Simply because my parents keep asking how did I do, I did REALLY bad in Math, pretty good in Law and Web Design!

In this article I wanted to mention a couple of different things I’ve my hands on to, but actually this is just an apology for not being active last week, but more of it, I wanted to mention a couple of things I would like to talk about in future article, maybe you’ll want to read about them.

  • Rust
  • DayZ
  • Tomb Raider Review
  • Attack of the Friday Monsters Review
  • Best Way To Game
  • Project Tango

Now of course this isn’t everything! This is just a warm up for my new readers who helped break our views score yesterday without even writing an article. I would just like to thank you for coming, the website isn’t as dead as you think it is :P. Until next time…


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