Among The Sleep – Horror!!

Last week I wrote an article about a game with nothing, but a bug going up and meeting it’s death in six minutes. I kept talking about how smart that was to get some popularity with something funny and weird at the same time.

Among The Sleep is a first person survival horror game developed by Krillbite Studios for all PC platforms, well most known indeed (Windows, Mac  OSX, and Linux). When I first watched the video, I saw some really amazing movements, the trailer shows that you’re taking the role of a child in a really scary house, I don’t know what you’ll be doing, but I’m moving and trying to find this really scary shadow, well that’s what the trailer showed anyway.

When reading the comments on Youtube, I saw many comments stating that the game is like Paranormal Activity, a horror movie that I only chose to watch 2 or maybe 3 years ago on 2:00 AM with my cousins, alone, in one of the scariest nights ever (and it wasn’t paranormal activity that made it scary, at first). Well the deal here is that this isn’t a problem, I’m going to play the game, and the story won’t keep tuning me to a baby in a carriage, kitchen going crazy, gene trying to communicate through a baby monitor, and of course the couple playing hide and seek with paranormal creatures… right? You’ll be facing some really mind-blowing occurrences and I can see that from the trailer only.

Among the sleep with oculus

Everyone here knows the Oculus Rift right? Well it’s not surprising anymore when we find out that an indie developer is supporting it, and Among The Sleep is no different, I can only imagine it being this way, being a child again and having the challenge of facing such a creature with so little to do… Well in real life I won’t even try that, but I sure as hell am going to try it in this game! Thanks for reading everyone, until next time…


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