MWC 2014: Making Wonderful Challenges

I wasn’t really in the mood for MWC, I didn’t know about it until two weeks ago, and there was nothing that made me want to see it except a few notes here and there. Only yesterday did I actually care about that, and really I’m happy that it was yesterday, why? Well because I couldn’t have waited that much.

MWC 2014 is proving to have the rest of the year covered, I’m not caught up with all the news about it, but I decided to cover my two favorites till now, keep in mind that I probably didn’t check everything, so here we go with Day 1!

Nokia Thrives

So Nokia is just a countable amount of time away from being a child of Microsoft, with all the Lumia phones being released, I think it’s obvious what Nokia’s plans are. Let’s see… Before being fully owned by Microsoft, let’s make people think we’re rushing in with a simple Android phone to get money, and make them think we made it so cheap and powerful FOR the money. Oh but that’s not it! What I saw from Nokia today was marketing power, the Android OS on these new Nokia phones aren’t the real typical Android we know, it isn’t Gingerbread, it isn’t Ice Cream Sandwich, and it sure isn’t Jelly Bean or KitKat, it’s just the Android kernel modified Nokia’s way, or should I say, Microsoft’s way.

nokia new android phones

With the Nokia X, they offered a phone holding the Android name, but showing you the tiles Windows 8 is so popular for, this way… Well they’ll have lots and lots of people knowing what a Windows phone could be, this sending a small portion of the crowd over to Microsoft! Great plan!

Lumus SmartGlass

Google Glass is great, yeah it is! Why would it not be? Well for the price of anything to be over a $1000, it should be, but everything comes with a negative point, and that price is something I can’t handle, I can barely pay money for a console and you want me to pay for this?

lumus smartglass

Oh wait we were talking about Lumus! It’s like Google Glass, but more stylish, more wearable than Google’s Dragon Ball Sayin technology, I really wanted to know other people’s power, but it didn’t happen yet. I’m not sure how much we’re going to pay for that, but let’s just hope they won’t make us pay more for style, and we’re probably caught up with what this kind of technology would do… Lumus Smartglass is set to be released later this year.

Now I’m not really able to talk about many things, but thanks for reading everyone, until next time…


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