Rayman VS

So this weekend is Ubisoft weekend on Steam, which makes this article EXTRA special! We all know Rayman, he was the one supposed to rival Super Mario Bros. U on the Wii U’s launch, but thanks to about 4 delays, his recent title “Rayman Legends” was no more an exclusive, but a great success.

Rayman Old

When looking at Rayman Origins, or Rayman Legends, we see a beautiful game filled with wonderful graphic animations and awesome platforming. What’s pretty known right now that it’s one of the craziest games you can play, but let’s take a look at Rayman of old times! Back then, Rayman wasn’t as loved as now, I didn’t enjoy the older games, in fact Origins and Legends are probably the only ones I like, and since they’re the latest then it’s one heck of a good reason to play them.

In Rayman Origins, you’re… Well it’s a platformer so you’re jumping from a platform to another, but it’s also a side-scroller, and we all know that side-scrollers should contain some crazy hard, but at the same time fun elements, these two hold that very well!

from rayman origins

You play as Rayman and can change characters between levels, each have their own traits (like Luigi’s higher jumps, and Peach floating in the air), they also have this maintained feeling of being them when using the character, that is mainly thanks to the animations found in the game, the style in design is like watching anime, always full of life!

I’m pretty sure everyone wants a piece of Rayman in his refreshed look, right? Well you should be! I think what’s attractive about Rayman is not the game, but the characters themselves. Rayman is always getting himself into silly situations, and with the refreshed look, he’s taking the lights from the likes of Crazy Frog, one of the silliest cartoon singers I’ve ever saw.

from Rayman legends

What’s smart about Ubisoft is the way they handled Origins, I played first with the PS Vita, then 3DS, then PC, and not once did I find myself bored from playing it, of course the first levels aren’t, but you get what I mean. There are levels that have you counting on rhythm to keep going, though it is nice to hear Rayman scream, but don’t tell me the music isn’t magical! There’s also a shadow level where everything looks dark and well… Shadow-like.

Rayman VS Mario

rayman vs mario

Something to be sure of is that Rayman is taking Mario’s place, of course with more delays on the next title, that isn’t going to happen, but if you look at it, Rayman Origins and Legends have a more appealing design, and much crazier gameplay, but that’s just me.

Of course looking at the elements of these games, Rayman is becoming a powerful opponent to many franchises, from gameplay to graphics, sound, and of course lasting appeal… We’re looking at a almost perfect game. Thanks for reading everyone, until next time…


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