iOS Review: GT Racing 2

Buckle your seat belt and get ready for a wild ride in GT Racing 2.


GT Racing 2 is the sequel to the amazing mobile game GT Racing, which is developed by Gameloft.

To get my review started, I’d like to talk about the controls of GT Racing 2. As a passionate video game racer fan, I like my controls to be tight in a racing game and with GT Racing 2, I noticed the controls are very coordinated with the steering of your car. GT Racing 2 has four control modes, you can pick whatever suits you the best after you test them out. Personally, I prefer using Control Scheme D. You can change your control settings in Options.

It’s up to you if you choose to have Steering Assistance and Brake Assistance on or off. If you’re new to racing games, then I would choose to leave those options on.


Let’s talk about the graphics in GT Racing 2. If you already own the game and you’re checking out this review anyway; then you might be able to relate to what I’m going to be talking about. In the App Store reviews, most people say this game has “amazing” graphics, well, I have to disagree on some terms. Technically, the graphics are very good for a portable device, but I noticed some things that surprised me when I was playing the game. One of the first things I noticed, was the Rearview Mirror when you’re racing in Interior mode, it reminds me of jumbled pixels.The reason why I was surprised, is because Gameloft usually does a wonderful job when it comes to small details in their games. The graphics in Interior mode are very poor, here’s an in-game screenshot I took to compare the Interior mode in GT Racing 2 Vs Real Racing 3; which is developed by FireMonkeys and published by Electronic Arts.

Here’s the comparison picture…


Since you can see the difference, you can decide for yourself on what version looks better.

Other than the Interior mode, GT Racing 2 really does have very good graphics, especially in Near, Far, and Bumper mode. Here’s a look at the camera modes I just mentioned….


As you can see, these are clearly beautiful graphics for whatever device you’re going to be playing it on. Like I said, other than Interior mode, GT Racing 2 is an excellent game for those who care about racing games, graphic-wise.

I also took the liberty to take some screenshots for the gamers who enjoy car damage graphics. GT Racing 2 is the best when it comes to car damage compared to other App Store racing games. Take a look below at the screenshots to see the car damage…


Since we’re through with graphics, let’s discuss the sound in GT Racing 2. The sound in the game is quite excellent. What impresses me the most is having your own personal driver engineer giving advice while you’re racing. Now, if you want distraction-free races, you can always turn off the driving engineer in Options. The other sound feature that impresses me is the music. While you’re racing, the game plays a large selection of mixed songs, some are even well-known songs, like Tongue Tied. If you’re not of fan of having mixed music while you’re driving, then you can go to Options and change it to Electro, Rock, or D’n’B.


As you can see from the image above, you can also change your music volume, Engine Volume, Effects Volume, and Master Volume to whatever level number you prefer best for your racing experience.

Just to say one more thing about the sound, even though I said Interior Camera mode was quite poor in graphics, that mode is the best for the real racing experience sound. When you’re in Interior mode, it’s like actually being in the car. I prefer using headphones to get the full sound effects out of this game.

Last, but not least, I’m going to give my thoughts on the gameplay and features in the game.

GT Racing 2 has three major gameplay racing modes. Multiplayer, Campaign, Racing Series. In Campaign mode, you race to complete each racing tourney. In each racing campaign there is different modes; such as Classic, Knockout, King Of The Hill, etc. In Multiplayer you can race with your friends or with other races all around the world. In the Racing Series mode you can play events and win money and maybe even a car.

As for the features, the game lets you take screenshots from the options menu while you’re racing. You can also hire a driver engineer who works on your car when you choose to have it upgraded. One of the features that made me impressed with GT Racing 2 is the how the tracks can change environment, such as racing during the day or night, and even different weather conditions, which makes it even more fun for players.

Overall GT Racing 2 is worth your time if you’re a racing fan or just a gamer who wants to play something that is addicting and amazingly fun. Yes, the game does have some flaws I noticed, but for free, it’s a good game. I personally enjoyed the amount of time I spent with it and it is my main racing game for my iPad.


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