The Plan…The Bug… The Horror!

This might be the shortest thing I ever talked about or discussed, I’m pretty sure I talked about food more than this. Yesterday I recommended this game, why? Well to make it clear, this isn’t a game, or is it!

In The Plan, you’re controlling a fly, the first thing you want to do is… Well, fly! So you set off a rock and go left only to find the path blocked, then you go right and find it blocked so you go up, up, up, up, up, up, up, up, up, up, up for 6 minutes. During these 6 minutes of *SPOILER ALERT* having to deal with your death as a fly… I’m pretty sure you imagine what your death will be like.

The Plan Ending

You’ll encounter different things a fly usually suffers from in life, first of all, the wind can blow you easily, a leaf can tear you down, and you’ll probably think a lot about life when playing this, much like what happens in the shower, or outside the window in a bus.

This game isn’t there to offer you a story, it isn’t offering you a fate, it sure as heck isn’t trying to make a fly look better. Okay I admit it, I felt bad for a fly having to deal with such things and having such a terrible ending in life, but that’s how things are. At first I thought I was never killing another bug ever again, but two minutes later, I proved to myself that I can lie.

The Plan start

So you want to know why The Plan was made in the first place? Well you might see that on the official website, the developers say that it’s a little experiment, and it is! However you might set your eyes on a smart marketing strategy there. The developers are not popular, and they’re making this horror game called Among The Sleep, having such a small game be downloaded on Steam by SO many people will get them some really good audience and they can pretty much count me in for it! Great Job Krillbite  Studio!

Thanks for reading everyone, until next time…


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