D.K Goes Bananas

Let’s see now, we wait two years for Retro Studios to reveal a game, and instead of Metroid, we get Donkey Kong. The internet blasted when they saw a new Donkey Kong game being in development by Retro Studios, why? Simply because people wanted Metroid.

Donkey Kong Tropical Freeze with Dixie

Now why do I care? Well first of all, I admit I was sad the first couple of days, but we’re getting a good game in the end, aren’t we, that’s what mostly matters! So just to clear this up, no one should ever go back to being sad about the decision, in fact the people in Retro responsible for Metroid Prime aren’t there anymore, so we wouldn’t have got the same game, but with Donkey Kong, we do! The Same people that did Donkey Kong Country Returns made this one so WUPEEDOOO!

DK Tropical Freeze on Wii U Gamepad

The reviews of the new addition in the series are closing in, and the game is less than a week in the public’s hand. I got back from school and found lots of tweets about the reviews…

Now the way I see game reviews, their scores never really make me not want to buy a game, but I know lots of people that only count on that, I usually read a review just to see the negatives and positives of a game and decide whether I can take that or don’t. Now when you look at these reviews, the rating varies, and each of these reviews give the multiplayer option a negative, well the way I look at it, that is an important part in a home console game, but it’s not something that will hold my money and make me not buy it.

in level Donkey Kong tropical freeze dk

After summing up the thoughts in my head, Donkey Kong Tropical Freeze is a game worth the money you’re paying, every reviewer loved the game, no one gave it a bad review, and yes 6 is not bad… Let’s take a look at the game now.

What’s to think of here? Do I like this style of gameplay? Am I going to have fun playing it? Are the negatives going to affect me? That’s what a customer should be looking at in a game, reviews are just other people’s thoughts about a game, other people’s thoughts, look more at yours and tell me in the comments while you’re at it! Thanks for reading everyone, until next time…



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