Indie Games -Power & Development-

AAA games grew to be pretty darn expensive, and lots of gamers choose only to play these games and leave the others to suffer, in fact many such developed games have been facing their fate just like that. Many people now either go for the biggest or stay low, many decide to pass up other games, just because one is bigger than the other, and by that they leave the game, and its maker to death… Well close doors.

With that in mind, we turn our sights over to indie developers, people trying to earn their money while creating what they’ve always enjoyed, and what they’ve always loved. What should a couple of college graduates do with just a bit of cash in their hands in a market full of spoiled AAA lovers? Simple! They make a market on their own.

Okay, maybe it isn’t like that, it’s more of doing something that fits them, but how in the world will they turn people’s attention to them if they’re focused on all these $60 open world games? They make their games great and well priced, and really we’ve been seeing lots of indie developers making games that are both great, and well-priced, this article is here to talk about them.

The Stanly Parable's effects on me :/

Take games like The  Stanley Parable,  I bought this game, and it was worth every penny I payed, but at the same time the thought of other big games made me think that it wasn’t worth, other titles that last for many more hours, but is that what a game should be judged for? Well it is, but with a price point of $12 instead of $60, that was a good deal, even though I only opened it once, it’s the kind that is now stuck in my head, it’s one that if a friend comes over, I would show it to him.

Dear esther image

A game like Dear Esther for a clue, I got this game for $2, but what did it do? It put me in a well designed universe, but all I did was walk, walk, and walk… Oh and listen! This game took about an 8/10 for it’s graphical, story, and sound elements, but their’s nothing about gameplay that made me call it a game, I only walked and listened to a guy remembering stuff. The thing here is that I would tell you to get it for the story, but this isn’t a game, now $2 is something I would throw for a story, would you?

Game Dev Tycoon Start in the 80s

Move further and we’ll find Game Dev Tycoon, a game I honestly spent MANY hours playing even before it was on Steam. It’s a simulation game where you start a game development company and walk your way through many years of development, the developers -Greenheart Games- revealed from the start that the idea started from playing Game Dev Story -by Kairosoft- on mobile, a game I also played and I can see the similarity between them, the thing is that the developer didn’t stick to it much, they added so many things to it. At first I thought it was just a copycat or something, but 5 consoles later, I was proven wrong!

Monster in Amnesia

About two weeks ago I had to format my computer for personal purposes, I lost lots of game save files and really the only thing I actually want to play are either indie developed, or ones I completely forgot. A game like Amnesia: The Dark Descent for example, it’s old, but like most Facebook page owners say BUT GOLD. No matter how I move,  I know a moment of me jumping will come, I’m scared of that, but I still decide to play it in the dark. Another thing to note is the fact that there is also a sequel for the game, but I’m still playing this, why? Go try the game and tell me for yourself!

Did you forget we were talking about AAA? Well now you have an answer, this is why you too should go for it, put down your overpriced devices and check the indie category on your console or your PC (Go for Steam) right now! Thanks for reading everyone, until next time…


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