Indie Games -Part 2D-

I bet you didn’t expect another article about indie games, the same day after publishing one just about that. Actually, this is a more detailed one. In the last article, you might have noticed that all the games I mentioned are designed in 3D, what does that have to with it?

Well believe it or not, some people would find that annoying, it would kind of make them feel down, but why is that? Well I’ll put the stone on my side and tell you why. My future plan is becoming a game developer, and really the way I see it, it’s best to form an indie studio and start developing, but for someone as but for someone bad at designing like me, or maybe not into it, 3D designs is something hard, I can barely do 2D designs for the game I’m working on right now so probably it’s like that.

Another thing is… Well I’m pretty sure it costs more to design a full 3D game, or maybe the game idea fits more into 2D than it does in 3D… Point is, a game designed in 3D doesn’t make it better, or more fun than one in 2D, that is why I decided to make this article be about 2D  indie games.

Gunman Clive in stage image

Let’s take a game like Gunman Clive. I was browsing through the 3DS eshop and I didn’t have much money on my credit card so I set eyes towards an indie game mainly because of their price point, I’m pretty sure I got it for $2. Thirty minutes later I was a cowboy in the wild west, what’s more to it? The design of the game was… Odd. Remember the feeling you probably had when you first set eyes on Borderlands 2? That’s what I felt when I looked at Gunman Clive, just like I thought that style suited Borderlands, this one suited Guman Clive.  It was like a simple drawing, actually it might be, and it made the game appeal a lot more!

A Virus named tom in level image

A Virus Named Tom is kind of a strategy game, actually it really is. In this game you control this virus and try to hack certain devices by connecting many pieces of hardware together and form some kind of link that in the end makes the device go crazy. Well no strategy game stops at such a small base point and neither does Tom. Later devices will have Anti-virus and you’ll be facing many challenges that need both time and speed, can you do it, Tom?

Thomas Was Alone in level image

Move over to the title that puts together both a simple design, but great gameplay, and a moving story. Thomas was Alone tells a story about different self aware AIs (Artificial Intelligence) that try to find some place to survive I guess. You’ll feel something relating to humanity when playing and listening to the narrator talking all the way. You control different AIs and each has its own name and trait, a puzzle platform game that is sure to take your time!

Now everything I’ve talked about is one you probably know, but it isn’t fair to leave other stuff so I decided to take a little look over Steams’s indie category and find many games I haven’t noticed before.

love game steam

Love is a simple trip to the 8 bit universe, and it isn’t simple because of that. We all know how hard games in the old days were, and this is NOT like them. Well in the difficulty sense, the developers claim that the game isn’t unfair, but it does offer hard levels, that means there won’t be a big turtle spitting fire balls everywhere with nowhere to hide and as simple as we say it as simple as we buy it, this game is for $3, have fun!

dustforce featured image

Though it sounds silly at first, Dustforce is a game were you are an acrobatic janitor, and for some reason you decided to sweep up places filled with  the good old 2D traps from older days, not to mention a level-editor and the ability to download others online, are you up to the challenge?

Now it wouldn’t be fair if I end the article with just a couple of games so here are some honorable mentions that I’m sure will light lots of times:

  • Super Meat Boy
  • Fez
  • Mutant Mudds
  • Cave Story
  • Limbo
  • The Plan
  • Broken Age
  • Strike Vector
  • Pixel Piracy
  • Card City Nights

Thanks for reading everyone, I hope you try and enjoy the games, until next time…



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