nGeeklife: Me Talks NFC

Now to say really, this wasn’t the article I had in mind for today, but really it’s something that should be well-known. A couple of days ago, a friend mine (actually he’s the guy that does the Photoshop stuff on the website) told me he bought NFC tags, I didn’t really imagine what I can do with these little sticker-like devices, but I really wanted to.

For me NFC was a fast way to save contacts, and a way to get characters and items appear in games like Skylanders, Disney Infinity, and Pokemon Rumble U. Now that I took a -somewhat- deeper look into it, it’s something that should be used more and more, it is a really close look to the future we all want. The future where everything we see in movies and games is coming really close, come to think about it, isn’t everything supposed to happen faster and easier? Shouldn’t the future be making us lazy people happier? Let me take this moment to tell you how it goes, but before that I think a proper explanation for NFC technology is a must.

Near field communication (or NFC) is a new technology that allows two devices to exchange data by touching each other (actually it’s coming a bit close to it… No more than 1 C.M). The exchange happens when the NFC chips in a device meet each other, the exchanged data I’ll say moves through radio waves.

to do with NFC

I’ll tell you why it’s being used in all new smartphones. Everyone owns a smart phone, well I’m pretty sure a big portion of the world does. Myself, I take my smart phone EVERYWHERE. So let’s say I wake up, I have this NFC tag sticker right on my table, instead of having to go through the settings on the phone, I just pass it on the tag and let’s say Wifi connection turns on, and the email app refreshes. I decide to have breakfast, well here’s an NFC tag on the table to open the playlist in my music app.

So it’s time to go to school… I do so (sigh), then I want to buy something on the way back, maybe I want to take my imaginary girlfriend on a date, how awesome would it be that I just pass my phone on something instead of having to carry a wallet with money, credit card and so on. The date was successfully a mess! I go home and pass my phone over the NFC tag on the wall, what happens? Your choice! Then it’s time to GAME! Well if you’re serious about gaming on a mobile phone then 1st you’re missing out A LOT so go buy A 3DS or something, and 2nd… If you have lots of apps, why not just put a shortcut somewhere that opens up this little app called Candy Crush (since Flappy Bird costs $600 now, no?). It’s really amazing how this small thing will change everything, it’ll make us lazy, but to those who are already lazy, it’s a win win!

I’m not just taking the thought for now only, I’m thinking about the future, like 10 years from now! Let’s say you just got home, what if the door only opens up to your device!? Then you want to turn on the lights, pass the phone somewhere you like and it will, probably we’ll have actual smart voice recognition by then, but to those who can’t pay for example, that sure is good!

Thanks for reading everyone! Until next time…


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