nGeeklife Talks: Sudden Change in Sonic

I’m not going to complain about how Sega decided to ruin Sonic’s charm by giving him a “new look” because plainly, they didn’t. The change that’s going on with the  Sonic franchise really hurts… Well those who grew up with Sonic, but kids now barely know him, we all know this was bound to happen.

From The Game Sonic Boom

When you take someone that is about 25 years old and tell him to play this new Sonic game… He turns his head around to something like… Well anything that takes the eyes of a mature eye. When you give kids a game about someone they barely know, and doesn’t look appealing to them, with a game for a console that almost no one owns, you’re going to have problems.

I’m not sure how the old Sonic isn’t appealing to consumers, but let’s face it, I remember my parents talking about the changes being done with some cartoons, anime…. While I was… It looks better this way, so it might be that Sega studied this change really good and gave it their best, best fitting’s end looks to be this.

Somthing From Sonic Boom

Give the new look to me, I’m not going to judge Sega, they had to get this done, they needed that, Sonic is a long-living franchise, it should be the one fighting head to head with Mario even if it’s on the same console. I’m not crazy about the design, and my twitter followers already know that, but I still added that this is needed. Something I’m not sure about right now is how “well” it will do so give me a moment to add this up again.

Amy in Sonic Boom

… Okay so Sonic isn’t doing well, half of the old fans are not buying Sonic games, the other half is complaining about anything, what’s the best deal? Ignore both and focus on a new audience so that they can build up an even bigger fan-base, this way Sonic keeps breathing. They must have studied this really good, the new game named “Sonic Boom” has been in development for 2 years on the Wii U, that’s A LOT, but they’re promising new gameplay, different to what we have played before, and much better! They’re also giving it a TV series, it’s been long since I saw Sonic on T.V, that’s going to be great.

Sonic  in Sonic Boom

Now let’s take the look away from the design, and look at what Sega seems to be adding to the traits of the franchise, not only the game. As Sega added, the new change will give new traits, and from the trailer it’s obvious that the comedic look will be added to them… It’s still the same really, but looks more appealing to the kids of today, take a look at the trailer and you’ll find that… Well it IS like this.

Tails in Sonic Boom

Now take the side over to Nintendo, I want to add something, Sega is making this a Nintendo platform exclusive so where does that stand for Nintendo? The 3DS is going great, but look at the Wii U. If this new turnaround goes great with the T.V series, then kids will want a Wii U, let’s just hope it is, and stays so.

Whether you like it or not, the change is happening, and if you don’t like it, it’s probably all your fault actually, and… We all knew it was going to happen someday. Though I still add to all this, it isn’t that bad, just enjoy it as if nothing happened, thanks for reading everyone, until next time…



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