Geek Life: Cartoon Reviews – Yin Yang Yo

So here is yet another series that was unfairly discontinued. Yin Yang Yo had that kind of Mucha Lucha and Shaolin Showdown style of story telling that I really admired even as a kid. Where the show knew how to balance serious with silly, action with goofy, and plot development with character development. The characters were interesting and believable, the universe was interesting, and I’m probably giving too much praise here but I can consider this show as a more innocent, comedic, and children orientated Avatar (not Pocahontas with Blue People). The show takes place in a world where all evil is seemingly gone to the public eye. The warriors who defended this world were all gone and all that remained of that past was the last Panda in existence Yo. Yo one day adopts two rabbits Yin and Yang (If the show went on longer I’m sure they were gonna explain how but it never was). Yin and Yang when taken in became students of Yo in the martial arts of Woo Foo. Woo Foo was the art of magic and combat that defended the land years ago when the Knight Masters roamed the planet.


Yo, once one of the greatest heroes became a couch potato. The big part of Yo is to show the viewer he has lost his luster and the past is behind him. Yo because of this is glad that he is training students to live on his legacy and end the returning evil. Yin is a compulsive book worm who spends a lot of time studying, she is mastering the magic part of Woo Foo. Yang is more of a hot headed brut who took on the combat part of Woo Foo. The show does a great job in showing that these siblings are halved. Together they make the perfect Woo Foo warrior like Yo was. They have a bad sibling rivalry, but they know that they need each other to balance each other out.


Something that I like is that Yin, Yang and Yo are the only ones (other than select characters) that are really aware of an ancient evil. Everyone knows there’s still bad in the world, but they seem very in the dark about it. Because of that Yin and Yang do get made fun of, but its not enough to stop them from becoming masters. Now I’m not saying its the most depth full of shows, but it is very interesting and entertaining.


The show wasn’t by far a milestone, but it was an enjoyable show. It was something worth investing into. It got what it wanted to get across right. This is one of those shows that seem to have wiped off the face of the earth unfortunately. If you can find it though give it a watch. Thank you for reading and your support, I hope you’ll check out my videos on game analyses and more on my youtube channel:

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