nGeeklife Talks Indie & Horror

You take a couple of good runs writing articles daily and suddenly you have six days having nothing t talk about, it really angers me when I post nothing for lots of time, but actually the last couple of days there was nothing to talk about, I thought about Nintendo losing money, even a friend of mine told me to talk about it, but I’m not half worried about them, they’ve been here from the start, and they will continue with us till the end!

So the topic of the day is “Horror Games”, I chose this topic for one reason and that reason is “Amnesia”. To start it off, I was trying to do some character designs for my game, I’ve already got the game set on paper, but I won’t be showing people a bunch of codes, and they’re not going to read a game, they’re going to play it. It got a little messed up, I got tired of drawing, painting and all that (I use “Inkspace” by the way). My head was all red, I was really tired bla bla bla… So I wanted to get the boredom out of me, I have been playing Skyrim a lot, but I wasn’t in the mood to slay some dragons AT ALL, that’s when it was time to choose something else. Okay so it was Amnesia: The Dark Descent, I’ve been playing this game for about a little less than I can remember, the last time I played it was when I did the video for our Youtube channel.

The real deal here is “Horror Games” base. We have lots of indie titles coming in and out everyday, and really they’ve got lots of potential, my favorite titles are those with unique story-telling, they bring a somewhat twisted turn in the experience of your games, something like “The Stanley Parable”, I payed about $12 for what? I knew I wasn’t slaying dragons, I knew I wasn’t leveling up an orc and I sure as heck knew I wasn’t jumping on Goombas. I knew this is an indie title, the developers worked hard on it and it has this comedic and yet truthful life story-telling… Mechanism I’ll say.

When it’s a horror game, first of all, I know it’s going to have incredible sound effects (and for the first time I play Amnesia with a pure and FREAKY sound so don’t forget those headphones of yours), I want to jump and just really get scared of this thing, with Amnesia sometimes I think about saving and exiting the game just so that I’m not frightened by something… And no I don’t do that, it’s better to scream like a little girl, but not run away… Wait is it the other way around?! Then there’s the story-telling part, I won’t be running around a game and getting notes for nothing now would I? Of course not! I want to have a reason, a horror game without a story is like ice cream without a cone.

Monster in Amnesia

I think I lost my point in the article, it’s really more about indie than it is about horror, that’s why I’m going to leave this topic and get back to it some day later, while we’re at it, it would be a great help if some of you guys can pitch an idea for an article, oh and what about joining the team? We need writers, that’s for sure, can you help this website get better? Thanks for reading everyone, until next time…


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