A Pack of Wanted Games

I’m pretty sure everyone has a big list of games he wants, but can’t get yet, it’s only normal that it’s like that with games being so darn expensive, not all of them are good, but now with the recent “have to be creative” trend, the entire market is changing into a better, and MUCH more fun side.

I wasn’t really sure which game I wanted to talk about, yesterday my dad stopped the ONM -Official Nintendo Magazine- subscription, and started one for PC Gamer, ever since my face grew more to PC, I wanted to get more, I’m not really caught up with all PC gaming news so I thought this was a great way. We all know how much indies are strong on PC, you can’t blame them, it’s easier to make a game for PC that it ever was, and PC gamers go nuts on them. There’s also lots of AAA, mediums and others that are interesting and should be really fun.

So the reason this is actually going to be a pack is more for the fact that I don’t know enough about the games to put them in one, plus it’s good to break the routing from time to time so let’s see!

First of all there’s Lords of the Fallen, page 18 on the magazine caught my eye with all these monsters, swords, shields bla bla… Then there’s the great name! I wasn’t able to read at the time, but I was able to check the internet and Wikipedia was there to help! Lords of the Fallen is an upcoming action/RPG game being developed by several people who worked on The Witcher franchise, they’re saying that it’s a mix between Dark Souls and Borderlands which by the art-work and the them, should be a great game.

Then we have Insurgency, a game I saw right after closing Skyrim, it’s %10 off, and actually not pricey at all. A Multiplayer arena shooter that really looks like one that will set scores, the map I saw look great, and the gameplay is all about strategics with your kill-buddies, could it be the rival of Counter Strike?

Then I saw IGN just posted two articles, the first was a new game set in Middle Earth! You are Talion, A Gondor Ranger and… well it isn’t that fact that the game is set in Middle Earth that excites me, but the developers have included this new and really interesting mechanic where everything you’ve done to your enemies will be remembered, not killing this guy will make him return even more powerful later, hurting this guy will make him hate you even more… And the fact that I’m going to see it in Middle Earth is something I can’t deny for a minute. There’s also some kind of Raith mode that allows you to switch between Mordor and, er, well I was really swept away by the game so you should probably check out the trailer before all this.

The 2nd article was about this game called Bound By Flame, you’re Vulcan, a mercenary defending the beleaguered lands from evil monsters, lots of em. I’m going to leave you guys here to watch the trailer and you judge what you think! Thanks for reading everyone, until next time…



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