nGeeklife Says: Nokia Scores!

The Lumia series is a questionable line of phones that’s cute, powerful and kind of usable. I don’t own a Lumia phone, of course I did own older Nokia phones when they were really popular and all that. Then the whole iOS and Android takeover came in and took the market by a flash.

It was weird that Nokia never took the road to make an Android phone, with the right marketing they would have went with it a long time ago, I still wonder why in fact, but who cares about that anymore. The thing I can’t help but notice is how the improvements are being made, the hardware of the phones that Nokia made was never bad, it’s only the fact that it had a really boring OS and a really bad online store. Now with Microsoft taking over Nokia with the line of Windows phone, I can see the improvements especially with the store, Microsoft’s store (well the one for phones) isn’t as popular with developers as the Play store and the App store, but that’s much better actually since all the games and applications going over there are deserving ones and not just silly pranks by hackers with a couple of minutes to spare.

Lumia 920

As an IT student with lots of dreams, I can see Microsoft closest to making my dream machine a reality with Windows, wait a second! Ubuntu is actually closer to them, now I won’t tell you what it is, I’m still keeping it as a surprise for the future, but they’re probably going to do it before me.

So my reaction to the OS on the phone and how it all works out is as easy as it goes. It moves great, it feels great, the only problem is how… Tidy it is. Moving any other OS aside, I’m not comparing it to another because I have problems with all of them, the most comfortable I used was the BB OS10, too bad silly things made the OS fail. Anyway with Windows over there, it’s all good, the whole thing is wrapped up into what is about 3 screens and 3 buttons which is great, now new devices also have micro SD (which I am a big fan of using these babies), this way we would have a phone with fun games, cool apps, and a fast way to transfer.

What I see in Lumia is a great future, I couldn’t describe it in more words sadly because I don’t own one, I’m not paying $500 for this phone or any of these phones in fact because currently I don’t need it, there are stuff I need more available on other phones, but my whole point was that YES, this is a great first purchase for your child I’ll say, this will make the owner unique and cool, it is a good phone, not perfect… Just good.

Thanks for reading everyone, until next time…


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