We’re The Millers -Review-

So you get in, drop a drug dealer (Jason Sudeikis), a stripper (Jenifer Aniston), a virgin (Will Poulter) and a runaway (Emma Roberts), stick them together as a family and call it a movie! In “We’re The Millers” David is a small time pot dealer, or was it weed? He was helping two local teens from a couple of gutter punks, but ends up being robbed by them, well the robbed thing was all the money he had to give to his supplier Brad.

Were the Millers FEATURED IMAGE

After that the real story begins, in order to pay his debt, David has to get a HUGE load of pot from Mexico and all the way back to Denver, of course moving pot won’t be that easy thanks to the borders and all these stuff, so he figures out this one idea, he goes with his family in a RV so that they don’t drive attention, get caught and go to jail. Only problem is that David really has NO ONE, that’s why he takes Kenny, a teenager who kind of lives alone, and also a shy little virgin, Kenny acts as his son. Then we move over to Casey, a runaway… She kind of hates people, and she’s the daughter. Finally we have the mother, Rose O’Reilly, she’s a stripper who just got unemployed (is a stripper really a job?), she also happens to be broke thanks her boyfriend who dumped her, maxed out here credit card, and took every penny in her bank account… Yeah the story adds up right there.

Were the Millers CAUGHT

So the family goes together, they got the pot and leave, the way over was easy as pie, but getting back to Denver was the problem. First they get caught by a gay officer, but thankfully he only took $80 as a bribe. Then it was a police knock-down thing, well they were able to escape anyway. On their way they met another family travelling by a RV, well Kenny and their daughter Melissa actually bond from the start. On their way back, the Millers get to know that Brad’s shipment was a fake, actually it wasn’t supposed to be for him, but David was foolish enough and thought it was for him, well the guy that was supposed to take the shipment starts a chase after them.

Were the Millers kissing sister and mother

Anyway once the RV broke, the family with the cute girl that Kenny likes comes in for help and takes them over to an auto-repair shop which sadly was closed, so the two families decide to camp until the next day. By that time, both families bond together (parents especially in a 4-way I can’t talk about), but the sparks were over the side with Melissa and Kennedy, they play games together and all that (Oh that lucky bastard!), then when they were alone, Melissa tries to kiss Kenny into which he gets nervous and leaves with a hug. The Millers come to help their family member, his sister and mom teach how to kiss while his father watches (just to make it clear if it isn’t, they’re not a real family, none of these guys are related at all, they’re just delivering pot and splitting a hundred thousand bucks). While the training session was at course, Melissa walks in and runs, of course they noticed, but Kenny wasn’t able to run after her.

In the morning, Melissa’s family had to leave, and the Millers went in to the auto-repair shop only to find the manager wrapped tight, and two guys that are in charge of the pot thing behind them. They were first going to kill the Millers, but once Rose offered him a stripping special, he accepted to keep them alive, of course they run away right afterwards by hitting one of them with the RV and burning the other guy’s face with steam.

Were the Millers pot guys

It was time to go to Denver, but the problems keep going as after running away, Kenny gets bitten in the nu*s by a spider in which they had to go to a hospital to help him out. David tries to rush them to leave because the deal rose up to half a million bucks, but the deadline is almost there, rushing forward into it, David leaves alone, but on his way he feels lonely and decides to go back and pick his fake family up, once they make up, the Millers meet with Melissa’s family again, and at the same time the two pot guys come in, at first Melissa’s dad (an old officer or something like that) was going to arrest the whole family, but after Kenny saves everyone, he turns his back and let’s them leave. I should note that now David kisses Rose, AND Kenny kisses Melissa (again! Lucky bastard!).

The Millers then leave and reach Denver, but sadly the deadline was wasted and Brad didn’t pay David at all, well at least he was smart enough to have the cops all over the place to arrest Brad and everyone who works with him. I’d also like to add that both Casey and Melissa are sadly older than me in real life, which means it isn’t going to work out (sigh).

Her shirt says what would Frodo do!!!! Can someone like her & real text me?!

Her shirt says what would Frodo do!!!! Can someone like her & real text me?!

Time for the final statement: We’re The Millers is not with a certain type, it has some funny moments, it has lots of silly moments, I think the good thing about it is how these four bond together even though they’re not related in anyway, it’s about 2 hours of a good time, and worth the watch. Thanks for reading everyone, until next time…


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