This Day’s Done Deeds (Yesterday’s)

Okay so I do articles about geeky stuff, but when I was browsing the internet yesterday, I was in a mood to read some blogs and I really like the idea, over here it’s all articles, not a million dollar company (although I hope someday it is), so I figured this idea, why not write a blog from time to time? Write about the things I do, maybe if people find it interesting, they’ll come read it, and read other stuff so what the hey!

I’m going to call these articles “This Day’s Done Deeds“, but first let me introduce myself! I’m a 17-year-old boy named Omar, I’m from a small country in the Middle East called Lebanon, I’ve always loved electronic devices, but taking another look, it’s actually not electronic since that includes microwaves and washing machines, Ii simply just like to have fun, most of the fun I find is in sports, games, movies, spending time with friends, parties… I think people like me because I’m “nicer” than others, and I’m probably one of the small amount of teenagers who are actually geeks and party freaks at the same time. My friends tell me that sometimes I’m shy and sometimes I’m crazy, they’re right, you might see me sitting with someone, but not saying a word, and sometimes leading the conversation. I’m filled with anger that thanks god rarely explodes, and I love food.

Instructor with Students in Computer Lab

I find myself living a great life, I’m an IT student, hoping to be a game developer in the future. Some people are shocked by me saying “great life” because I’m not the wealthy kind nor medium, maybe poor to medium, but it that I’m -somewhat- religious and always have the idea of thanking god for everything, money doesn’t make me a man, at this point I don’t need lots of it, I have a house to live in, bed to sleep on, covers to stay cool, clothes to dress, and of course food and drinks. I’m blessed enough to survive in this world, and HEY! The world will be just the way you look at it. Maybe it sucks that I can’t always afford something I want, but isn’t almost all of the wealthy guys right now, normal people who worked from zero? I have a pretty good feeling that someday I’ll be one of them!

That’s enough about moi I guess, let’s talk “DO!” Today was a good day actually, and if you’re reading this and having a bad day, well just remember the fact that there are many people having an even worse day, just look at Syria for god’s sake! Mom waked me up at about 6:00 AM, even though I only slept at 12:00 AM. Got up, had breakfast, played Clash of Clans a little while doing that. Got ready for school and went right off. It’s a long school day, about 7:30 hours which plainly sucks! The 1st session was boring actually, the 2nd was web design and some HTML uses with Dreamweaver, it was just basic stuff about the program, we already know the language of course, but the curriculum forces us to study it, not that it’s bad, that’s really good, and really fun!

3rd session, half of the class had English, while the others had a free period, we spent it joking around… Well actually we spent it discussing what to tell the English teacher (who might actually be reading this right now… You’re AWESOME!) about the Vocabulary quiz that no one studied for, weird thing is that all of us tried, but it’s just not fun anymore to sit and study, actually I know the meaning of all the words, I use them all the time, but I can’t write the meaning, our first choice was telling her to make the question: Put these words in sentences, that would give me a full mark in the same second.

us nations nams flag image

So recess came in, and then English, the quiz was easy, get the meaning of five words and give examples, 5 marks on meanings and 5 on examples, thankfully I’m pretty sure I have only one wrong answer in the meanings part. 5th and 6th session was Math, the cool thing is that in normal school like high school and all that, Math sucks! Whereas here, it’s an institution (I like to call it school, sorry for that), it’s something we take pretty darn seriously! Everyone is concentrating, well come on! We have to, it’s not 200 grades on the certificate for nothing. Then it was another free session, we actually spent this one talking a lot, I remembered the time I was going to the US in an exchange program, but my parents didn’t let me in the end, well everything is done for a reason, if I go to the US, I would never come back, and maybe I would have become a different person, maybe I wouldn’t have nGeeklife launched, and I wouldn’t even have learned all that I’ve learned in high school (I studied one year in high school then moved to the institution), trust me lovely readers, all that I’m saying is the truth and real words from my heart, friendship is something you don’t want to lose, no one can take the pain of not having friends, and not getting the support of your family, academically, my high school year was the worst, I failed miserably, but it was actually a year I learned a lot about people, friends and family, and trust me, everyone has problems and everything can be dealt with.

friends in school image

After that free session it was almost time to go! The last period was “Law”, yup! Funny thing is that everything we learn, everything we learn from this session about “not doing” is already being done, just Google “Lebanon”, you’ll probably understand a couple of things and sum up a couple of words: War – Love – Wanted piece – Nothing working out. Of course you go home and eat after school, that’s what I do, but I had to get some clothes today (alone for the first time), then since I forgot to get tissue boxes with me, I had to go do that in which I was angry UNTIL I met my friend, started talking with hair a little, and forgot the fact that the place was kind of far, she’s the really fun type! The day doesn’t stop there, but this article does, as always, thanks for reading everyone, until next time…



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