The Wolf of Wall Street Review…YEAH!

Taking a deep look at The Wolf of Wall Street, I see a movie that’s really funny, really all out, and just makes you enjoy almost 3 hours of laughing, actually the deep look is that this movie would suite people of all ages, if only it didn’t have all the nude scenes and, er, well… You know what scenes.

"Too" Family  friendly

A little bit “too” family friendly

Starring Leonardo Decaprio, The Wolf of Wall Street talks about a 24 year old man named Belfront, this guy wanted to live life as it should be. He was a gentleman with a mind for life, a couple of grands later, Belfront became a drug-addict, taking and giving money wherever he goes, making deals as big as a continent… He ended up in prison.

The funny thing is the whole party crazed guy with love to cocaine, he goes around (sorry for the language) fu**ing hookers every place he’s in, never leaving an untouched hole, the bad thing is that most of them are shown, that’s why kids shouldn’t be watching these things. Throughout the movie you’ll see him sniffing drugs out of a hooker’s “you know what” and all that. You’ll see him cheating on his wife, paying thousands of dollars on “special entertainment (wink, wink), and being robbed by some gays. It’s a 3 hour marathon filled with dirty and not-so dirty comedy. Not so dirty is… Never mind.

The Wolf of Wall Street scene Leonardo laughing on the yacht

Okay, I really couldn’t get enough of the jokes, it was THAT funny, his wife was teasing him of never allowing him to touch her, but she teases him by showing her *****(starts with a P), what’s more to it is that he actually had the security camera right in front of her and had the last laugh when she knew the guards saw EVERYTHING! Then we have his friend masterb****ing in a party and getting beaten up by his wife.

Now even though this isn’t the best choice for a movie thanks to everything I just said right before this paragraph, I’ve actually learned things from it, it’s not based on a real life story just for fun. Almost all movies now tell you to persuade, plan and actually think AND do, not to mention thinking big! As a teenager, this got me right through, all teenagers pass through each and every phase of life, we learn so much in our teenage years, and I’m pretty sure that this was the best way to get teenagers a message for the rest of their lives, okay so maybe not typically “the best way”, especially if you’re a little religious (again, nude scenes. That’s why.)

My final words tell you my readers that I’m 1. Sorry for the words I used and 2. Don not watch this movie with anyone, go alone. Basically, real life based movies often don’t have one clear point of movement, this is no difference, you get things from here and there then add them up together, but it’s worth the watch (ALONE). Thanks for reading, until next time…



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