Steam Machines & Gaming On Them

So in CES, Valve revealed 13 Steam machines made by thirteen different manufacturers, some of which are high-end, and some are not. Each machine has a different trait that’s for sure, I saw one that actually dual boots with Windows, and almost all hardware can be changed and upgraded.

So I’m not really going to talk about each machine, but I am going to say that I’m probably getting none of them. We’ve already went through this, I can do all this with my own custom-made PC, I can put SteamOS on it AND I can buy the Steam controller separately. That’s a good thing, it shows that Valve really just wants people to go play games their way and at their place however you like, whether it’s a PC or a TV.

NVidia logo

I want to talk about games, how will they be on Steam machines, how will they feel and all that. One thing for certain is that you’ll enjoy it the same way you always had! Let’s say I got my PC, installed SteamOS on a separate partition, booted up into it and started playing. Well I would do that right now, but Valve decided to support Nvidia WAAAY before AMD graphics adapters which is really like putting a spear right in my chest, it’s not that I love AMD more, but the fact that I game on a laptop and I can’t afford getting a gaming PC, good thing it’s a powerful laptop or I would be stuck with no games.

Steam Big Picture Mode

After the boot is complete, we have this typical Linux look as a desktop and… well, Steam! It goes right into big picture mode and it’s time to start gaming. The system should be all for gaming, having some kind of magic (actually coding) powers that makes all the power move into the game I’m playing. So it begins! I want to play Skyrim! I want to play GTA! I want to play Borderlands 2! Just Cause 2! The Novelist! The Stanley Parable! Well of course they have to be supported first, and I have a good feeling that will work out later too.

Take off to the land of happiness that is gaming, when I choose this certain game, then the hardware boosts it up to the maximum, all I have to do is start playing… Actually I have no idea why I am discussing this, but best thing said is that well wait a second…

Steam Controller

Take a well-spaced place for yourself home, get a case and build your own PC with everything that suits gaming, don’t forget about the keyboard and the mouse! Install SteamOS, well you probably want to play using a controller in some games, no? Get the Steam controller, or any controller really and play! Done with this game? You should probably store the save files on cloud and delete it if you want, going play it later, you’ll have your save files stored on cloud anyway! Time to start a new adventure, no? Well just go pick something nice whether from Steam directly, or through a browser, maybe even through the app on your phone.

Now when you look at it, we have a complete platform for our gaming pleasure, don’t we? Read the last paragraph again if you please, Steam will be everywhere you want it to be, just after writing this and thinking it through, I actually want a Steam Machine in my living room, AND SteamOS on my PC, probably to play a game over on my PC like Counter Strike: Global Offensive, then move over to the living room and just play the beauty that is Just Cause 2, maybe Skyrim!

More to say is my usual and always increasing thanks for reading this everyone, until next time, think about it and…


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