Eighth Generation (+Plus+) One

We all know that the big three masters of the console holds are Sony, Nintendo and Microsoft.The least of them (Microsoft) has been here for three generations, Sony for four and Nintendo for about six, you probably know that right now, we’re in the 8th generation with the Playstation 4, Wii U and the Xbox One.

Xbox One, PS4, and Wii U controller

Every gamer here probably knows every bit about each of these three bad boys and that’s why this article isn’t directly dedicated to them. This time I’m here to talk about the rest of the consoles, those that aren’t successful or maybe even powerful enough, one of them is nothing near accepted by many gamers.

ouya the console

First of all let’s go wit the Ouya (while noting the Ouya, you should also check out Gamepop and Gamestick) the cheapest of the cheapest with only $99 of price to defend it, and the will to be a competitor. Actually the Ouya is somewhat suffering, but it wasn’t meant for gamers directly I guess, the biggest problem was the bad launch and the delay in units. Ouya is still a console I admire, respect and really want, it’s the Android’s dream of going gaming, and it isn’t shy with its games at all. For more information about the Ouya, here’s one of my older articles about it —>HERE<—.

Steam Controller

Number two in here is a big daddy, it’s the leader of the master race if you ask me. When you get to think about Valve’s Steam Machine, let me show you through the idea. First of all we have this open source OS called SteamOS. Valve is letting everyone have it and do whatever he/she wants with it, and putting it on their devices. Now that I think about it, it’s kind of like how Google does with Android, here’s the OS, take it and put it on your machines then sell it. Well Google also has its own machine and simply, all Nexus phones are my favorite. Taking the look onto Valve, they’re letting other manufacturers put it on their machines, but they’re making their own. Now part two of this guy is innovation, bring the PC to the living room, personally I’m going to download SteamOS and build my own gaming PC, that’s what every PC gamer will probably do, but I also want to test the new controller, which can also be used on PC. Really people, can you blame me for loving Valve so much? Maybe people with a gaming PC on their backs won’t go for it, but there are lots of people hoping to have a console, and if you’re looking for a change, this might just be it!

Right now, these two are the most to come to my mind, but let me talk about another thing and it’s the (+Plus+) in the title. I love consoles, I love handhelds and I certainly love PCs… At a point of right words, I love gaming. So let’s take a look at the future of gaming from all the eyes.


The first thing to talk about is the consoles market, lots of analysts claim that the 8th generation will be the last generation of consoles, and I’ve already said that from my point of view, it is nothing near being right. Consoles won’t remain the same, I’ll tell you that, most of the market has moved over to tablets thanks to being portable and simply better looking, I see the console market moving towards that base look, I’ve always had this idea in mind (and I’m sure thousands of other gamers do), the next generation will house the first handheld-console by the right means, with the Wii U, Vita TV and Xbox smartglass, it’s almost there. To make it simple, take the Wii U gamepad, put everything in the box in it instead, let people use it to play games on the go, AND bundle it with a device that allows it to connect to the TV and play using it home when this person wants to. It’s really a simple and powerful idea, also market it as is, the tablet console… Oh and one addition, let it actually have the tablet feel of use like in the Android and iOS feel, maybe even make it all touch, but bundle it with something that can be plugged into it and this… Mr. Buttons for gaming.

Microsoft Surface Tablet

Now switch your minds over to PC gaming, one word I’m saying from now and forever, PC gaming will always be the same, we’re always using the PC and we always will. You make applications, games and EVERYTHING on your PC so it’s plain as it’s simple, you’re getting a machine, making it be as you want it to, put and do everything you want on it, if anything it will always hold the gaming industry between its hands and move as is, that’s my opinion and I’m pretty sure it’s here to stay, but who am I to pledge all this, what do you guys think? Thanks for reading anyway, until next time…


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