Get Ready for a Big CES!

CES is an annual event that attracts everyone from within the electronics industry. At the base meaning, companies worldwide go to CES every year to showcase a new tech to the world, and wherever there’s technology involved, there’s a geek hidden somewhere too.

Every year in CES we get lots of new inventions, lots of promising ones, almost everything is either improved or brand new. The game industry for example takes the stage there too, well simply because these technological inventions are what we use to game, or maybe to watch this movie and so on. Sadly I can’t attend what is probably going to be the best CES yet, but I sure will follow every bit of what will happen.

Steam Big Picture Mode

CES 2014 starts this Tuesday, which is January 7th. To those lucky enough to be in Las Vegas, pray that I can go next year :D. Well what’s going to be there? I really want to see what’s new that’s coming over, but that doesn’t mean that already revealed stuff aren’t good enough. Well for the gaming side, no it isn’t Xbox One, nor PS4, nor Wii U. I’m talking about the bad boy from the master race (kidding), Valve! This CES, Valve’s plans is supposed to be wow-ing us with its new move to the living room, Valve’s plans are stuck on this mighty OS, this mighty controller, and that mighty box that will house the power and the gaming glory that is the PC.

Oculus Rift headset image

Like many other people, I’m dazzled with the Oculus Rift, I’ve always dreamed about being inside the game I’m playing, and I’m hoping every single company does at least one thing for this great machine. Oculus Rift will be for PC games yes, but I really want to see Pokemon there, Imagine actually commanding that Charizard, or that Blaziken, god forgive me, but what about that Krickitune ad that seriously ugly keys’ guy (Damn it, any Nintendo franchise will be heaven over there). Wait a second, what about Cortana? What about Ken and Ryu, WHAT ABOUT SONIC! Everything will be great there, certainly just imagine and watch your drool as it reaches your keyboard and you curse the day thanks to it.

Honestly I want to see everything, well plainly said and even easier when done, everyone wants to see everything, these movies about people not wanting the advance of technology are really making me believe that there are people like that.

Moving away a bit more from the gaming industry, smartphones are under the “tech” category, aren’t they? Well what do you think we’ll see? Wait, let’s change that! What technological device do you want to see coming next, I honestly like the new Surface PRO 2 Microsoft has, looks greatly improved, though I can still do that with any other device, it feels like a laptop with a touch screen and removable keyboard, okay so that does make it different, never mind me.

Smartphones and Tablets

A look at tablets right now, I feel they’re not improving, their market certainly is, but no one is looking at the real deal, I think some company should go out to the world and bring more than one model of tablets and define each for a purpose, much like Nokia used to do with its phones, and more like how Samsung is doing now too. Say this tablet is for streaming for example, that is for normal use, these bad boys come bundled with a controller. My use for a tablet is probably a couple of games, but lots of scheduling and notes because I’ll carry it wherever I go, and I have applications and stuff like that to write reminders, tasks and notes. One of the reasons I’m still with my phone (besides not wanting to pay for another one) is the “Remember Me” built-in application, that one helps me a lot from time to time (not that it can’t be improved).

Okay so tablets and smartphones ahoy? Right now I’m browsing through many ideas about wearable technology, go for Google glass, smart watches and later possibly inserted chips! I’ve always dreamed of having my personal holographic assistant friend, and yes I dream A LOT, but really doesn’t everyone dream of these days coming? If they’re not coming soon, then trust me I’ll be the one to go for them. Thanks for reading everyone, make sure you come back here during or after CES  to read about the hottest and the worst, until then…



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