Geek Life: Cartoon Reviews – The Powerpuff Girls

Since a new special (at the time this was posted) is a month away I thought it’d be nice to review the show that inspired this special. This was one of the more modern works brought by the Hanna-Barbera studios and was created by Craig McCracken. Now something I’d like to tell a story about this show, you see I was young when it was out. What does that have to do with anything? Well when you were a young boy watching the Powerpuff Girls you told no one. Even though every boy watched the show you kept it secret. It is silly, but you know boys. So you’d have to make sure you tell no one and build an underground secret bunker to watch the show. If you spilled the beans you were made fun of for something everyone watched… ah memories. The writers of this show also wrote Foster’s Home for Imaginary Friends and the latest My Little Pony series. Basically if you want a “girly” thing and make it for a general audience, these people are the people for the job. They are very talented writers indeed.


So anyway the show takes place in a normal city full of monsters and evil doers known as Townsville. Where a professor, Prof. Utonium conducted an experiment to see if sugar, spice, and everything nice really are the ingredients to make the perfect little girl. *Trying so hard not to quote the title sequence for no apparent reason* However through an accidental spill of the mysterious chemical X, three little girls were born with awesome super powers. The show’s theme is focused on a super hero spoof. The three sisters Blossom, Bubbles, and Buttercup are three super heroes ready to take on any foe.


In my Mucha Lucha review I explained the classic trio formula. Where there is an extreme, the opposite extreme, and the neutral, where the neutral is typically the leader. Here however the trio formula isn’t used. Instead the three girls are separated into three different personality types. Blossom is the smart one in the group, her ability to strategize and plan makes her a  the groups leader. Bubbles is the innocent one of the group, she is known as the glue that keeps the team together and keep them from falling apart. Buttercup is the tough one in the group, she is the one that delivers the hardest punch and she’s the Tom-Boy of the group. These three create a great crime fighting team.


The show has a cartoony sense of humor, and knows when to add drama or build excitement. This to me is something every cartoon should achieve. There should be a proper balance between humor, drama, and excitement. Of course the balance should depend on what kind of cartoon it is. If a cartoon successfully finds a proper balance of these three elements a show will last, because having a great idea or subject is only half the battle. This is a very entertaining show and it is currently on boomerang if you wanna check it out. Thank you for reading and your support, I hope you’ll check out my videos on game analyses and more on my youtube channel:


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