Pokémon Y Still Going Strong

Pokémon Y has been released for almost three months now and the hard-headed pack of trainers are still strong on with the almost RPG masterpiece. Now I’m not here to tell you how cool it is and how good playing it feels, now after the long time passed after release, I’m here to show everyone why Pokémon trainers are still going strong in the game.

The fact is that Pokémon games have lots of sides that take people back to playing it more and more. The first thing to note is that NO, it doesn’t have this big terrain and wide story that are in games like Skyrim. In Skyrim you’re keeping up and making your own story all along the main story. In a Pokémon games the main story is done in 35 commenced hours (I took about 45). After that you can do everything you want! Well actually every game says that, most gamers now play a game until finding the main story done and then leave, lots of games are built upon story and get boring after that’s done. Pokémon X & Y aren’t any different in a normal look, but then again, why do people actually continue playing it for so much? You can find trainers going a year and even more in many games, I got Pokémon HeartGold a little before Pokémon Black and White were released, but always found a challenger to pay a visit.

Shout outs from PSS Pokemon XY

The reason (or actually, reasons) why Pokémon games go strong even after release is full of facts. I find myself driven by many of them in fact. After beating Pokémon Y, I got busy with other games and other stuff, but then I came back to play it more. Then I got stuck right back into it! Why?! Well the first reason was nostalgia, Pokémon made me a geek, and actually my friend gave me season 7 and season 8. Looking at Ash battling it out with gym leaders and then off to the Pokémon league made me want to go back as well.

Garchomp normal Pokemon XY

Okay so I’m back, but the game is done, there isn’t anything I can do! Well, as a matter of fact, there is! There are loads of Pokémon (somewhere in the 600 range I think), and 20 types, some evolve and some not, some look better than the others, but some are stronger than the others. Each Pokémon can be leveled up to mostly 100, and don’t think it’s that easy. You can have mostly 6 in your party and many others stored in a box for later use. That’s the basic look of Pokémon, and alone it drives people to strengthen Pokémon more. Even I sometimes find myself overwhelmed by the time it takes to level up my Pokémon, or to find this certain one and catch it, sometimes I have to breed them at the daycare, and other times I have to trade online to get them. When that comes up to me I used to leave it as is and go play something else, but wait a second! That’s not it! I can go online and battle someone, well trust me the battles won’t be as easy as you think, online battles in Pokémon really aren’t anything like online in other games, trainers have strong bonds with these Pokémon even though it’s a game, but the fact that you spent this time battling with it, feeding it and playing with it, even taking the time to catch it!

Then take another look, you keep battling online, but what’s the point of you keep winning or losing, then training and picking other Pokémon probably just because you want to (actually that’s just good to keep people going), well if you’re sick of that, you can have other kinds of battle, most people know 1 on 1, 2 on 2, even 3 on 3, but now we have rotation battles, sky battles, and don’t even remind me about encountering a horde. Well battles don’t stop there, there are online tournaments for goodness’ sake! And all types of battles, and millions of trainers, then the title of power that makes you the winner above everyone! Just the thought of beating all these trainers, WOW!

More horde encounters Pokemon XY

Though online is my favorite part, Pokémon has more, for the collecting part, you can complete the national pokedex, and there’s also the hunt for shiny Pokémon, I have to admit, right before X & Y, shiny Pokémon meant nothing to me, I used to tell everyone that I would leave any shiny Pokémon in trade or wild encounter (except for Noctowl, that guy is awesome!). After the overhaul in graphics going into 3D (and trust me it means a lot that not the whole game has 3D effects), I spent hours trying to chain my way into catching a shiny Roselia, all I get is a stooped Ducklett, my third most hated Pokémon after Kricketune and that key looking guy, then it’s onward to Rotom’s other looks (seriously Game Freak?).

pokemon xy legendaries

Pokémon Y is still going really strong for me, I’ve recently arranged the boxes of my Pokémon into certain “level to level” sort and making a specific party for each and training them together. Right now I’m training a party in the 1 to 30 box and it’s going great… Absol – Manectric – Aerodactyl – Vulpix – Frogadier. Right now training is just for these guys, but the 30 to 40 box party is waiting in patience (my current favorite in fact). My battlebox is still empty actually, I’m still training the right Pokémon so I can make up a great party.

Super Training effort-o-meter Pokemon XY

What more can I say? Well recently I visited the Battle Institute in Lumiose city, I was totally psyched because Ii forgot all about it, so I got in with my medium party (to be more detailed, it consists of those I removed from the party before I decided to battle the elite four), and I was creamed like I’ve never battled before! In fact this got me into training these Pokémon and battling it out once again. I can’t just sit around like this telling you about everything because trust me there is a lot more, and thanks to Pokémon bank, I’m finally going to keep my Pokémon with me FOREVER! Maybe my grandchildren will end up training with a hologram of my Blaziken. Until then, I thank everyone for reading this…


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