Oh Skyrim!

The fifth installment in The Elders Scrolls series might be dating old for some gamers, but to most of us (Master race mostly 😉 :P) the game is still fresh as it was when Bethesda first released it.

Skyrim Slay!

For me it should be because I only started playing a week ago, but that isn’t our subject now is it? This is the first game I’ve played in the series, my thoughts about all of this was people being overly attached to some overly marketed game, but turns out I was wrong, Skyrim deserves every minute played of it. I sure love the theme of days back, not to mention having dwarves, elves, orcs and lots of mythical creatures. No guns and no nothing, the theme is done straight and well.

Dead dragon 2 skyrim

I’m a big fan of the theme, a big fan of open world games and the biggest fan of RPG and action games. Skyrim proves to master every single element it has, and the best thing is that I love all of them. First you have to go through a small mission of escaping from a small village that was attacked by a dragon. From then, the whole world was mine to mess with. I’ve got one heck of a map where I can roam freely, nothing ties me up to go to this place. For example there’s this cave that I went to because a man needed me to go there and get him a stolen skeleton hand thing so I did go there only to find that it’s filled with traps and bandits, and an actual skeleton that I had to beat. In the end I managed to give him the hand, later in a primary mission I had to go to the same cave to get something for a wizard, the good thing is that I already beat the place so it only took me a minute to fast travel and another to just reach the end of the cave and get it. Oh and if you want to see someone half-naked, well you’re close to it because after you kill someone you can take their close and sell them or wear them, meaning they’re staying like that.

killing and selling clothes skyrim

Take for example GTA, its open world, but when you take on a mission you have to finish it, while in Skyrim when you take a quest, you can go wherever you want, nothing is stopping you from doing a different one, of course the quest thing wouldn’t work with GTA, but this is just a comparison to understand. Of course this isn’t what makes a game good, it improves what it is. The open world is now a regular and easy look for a company Bethesda, now commonly known for some Fallout games too.

Somewhere in Skyrim

Now we go to the RPG and action side of things. To sum up the action part, get a weapon, armor and some other stuff and go battle your enemies, press this to hit with that, press that to defend using this bla bla bla. Action side is basic, but what shines is the RP (role-playing) elements. You have two hands and you can pick how you want them to be used, first of all we have a weapon which can be one-handed or two-handed, say we pick the one-handed, what do we do with the other, either give it a shield or let it do magic. Right now I’m holding an iron sword in the right hand, and heal my self with a healing spell on the other. Now let’s say we want a more powerful weapon, throughout the journey you’ll have many things to do obviously like harvesting some plants, taking skin off a poor wolf that mistook you for food, or maybe just scavenge for some items in caves. Some items can be used to make your weapon and/or armor more powerful or resistant. Keeping in mind you have a certain weight limit. If you need money you can just sell these items. One thing I found tasty is going to a blacksmith and crafting my own weapon instead of buying it. Something cool is that it isn’t just basic power you have of getting a weapon and improving it or buying a new one. You can enchant it for a certain time and now looking at some players that did it? WOW!


Okay so you’ve got a really powerful weapon? Are you going to hit everything like that? Well here’s the action part coming in place, some weapons take time to hit, the enemies might defend or run or maybe kill you by that time if you’re outnumbered.

Okay so you got yourself some weapons and armor, it’s time to do something! Let’s say a random villager wants you to do something for him, and you go do it. Let’s say you encountered lots of enemies, well it’s time to talk about the leveling system. A single-handed weapon is equipped and you use it to attack? Well that improves the one-handed weapon skill, and when a certain skill improves, so does exp points of the level your character is in (not levels like in Mario, but in power and stuff like that). You’re using a bow? Improve that to improve the weapon, or maybe it’s a magic spell, or even getting hit on the shield. You’re always improving. The good thing is that sometimes you can go head to head with a really strong enemy and win, he might be stronger too, but slow. Okay so this certain quest has finished, go to the villager (or well the person that gave you the quest) and get your reward, now what improves here? Another skill called speech, and if the speech skill rises, the money you have to pay for items might go lower. Every skill has something to improve. Advancing in a weapon skill makes the enemy take more damage for example and so on.

Just like any other games, Skyrim has its problems, not through gameplay because everything is almost perfect for me, but you’ll know what I mean when you’re going down a mountain alone or with a horse, which by the way can be bought (I bought one). Oh did I forget to tell you that I’m saving up for a house?

mod adds LOZ master sword skyrim

A small thing that I mentioned earlier was the master race and PC thing (don’t kill me, I love consoles I WAS KIDDING). We all know Modding is something special on PC, and Skyrim is a game loaded everywhere with thousands of mods all over a place, it might be a weapon, armor, or a whole new look for the world, if the 100+ hours you spent on Skyrim weren’t enough for you, go check out the mods right away! Thanks for reading gamers, until next time, happy new year AND…



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