Geeklife’s 2014 Predictions & A Happy New Year!

In a year from now we’ll be right here sitting and covering the year after that while also counting these (2013 was 11/30). Now right before we get started, I wish everyone a great year, everything you want is in your hands, you just need to hold on to it. Thanks for the great year everyone! Until next time…



  1. Half Life 3… CONFIRMED!
  2. New RPG game hits the world by storm and leads it to be multi-platform
  3. GameCube games support on Wii U virtual console
  4. GTA V released on PC.
  5. Wii U takes the role of GameCube as the system with great games, but low sales.
  6. PS4 rockets with sales among gamers.
  7. A battle for the console market between Valve’s Steam machine and the PS4.
  8. Xbox One sales go as expected and even more thanks to the casual audience and the love of Microsoft fans.
  9. Microsoft answer pleads and make a cheaper Xbox One model without Kinect.
  10. Indie developers sell more and more among all platforms thanks to the market of being more unique than AAA.
  11. Indie games move towards horror, platformer and narrative game.
  12. DayZ and State of Decay keep up a good battle for the best zombie apocalypse game, BUT a new challenger approaches.


  1. The actor in role of ant man tore and eaten into pieces by red and black ants.
  2. A Marvel movie released without a scene after the credits.
  3. Marvel v.s DC battles rise up higher than ever.

Blue Keyboard :P


  1. Oculus Rift rockets high in the PC market.
  2. Wearable technology rises with watches, glasses, and more.
  3. Strong companies like Samsung put up the first complete house taking the old meaning of “Future with glass” to reality.
  4. 3D Smart TV market improves as more houses go for it.
  5. Apple’s new phone proves to be a success among success, but the market’s expectations goes lower.
  6. The smartphones’ market goes through a big change with the talk about open-source among the casual audience… Meaning casuals take the idea of open-source as better, and move directly to it.



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