The Hangover Part 3 Equals Crazy -Review-

Tomorrow is the last day we get to enjoy 2013, a year that we spent having fun, doing crazy, fun and stooped things. It was a year of joy and happiness, a year when all my dreams started to move and I hope 2014 makes it better and better.

Today happens to hold the very last Geeklife movie review for 2013, it’s also the second year in the run. I admit I had my doubts throughout the days, should I continue? Is all this worth it? I know no one likes the talk of “This is my year. New page in the book” and I actually don’t… This isn’t even a talk about that. I’ve ran through many thoughts to keep Geeklife going and it sure will. This is the place I go to, the place where I can share my thoughts, and even though the internet is known as a bad place full of bad people (No I’m not eight), it’s full of some of the nicest indeed. Now let’s get this review started!


IMDB says “When one of their own is kidnapped by an angry gangster, the Wolf Pack must track down Mr. Chow, who has escaped from prison and is on the lam” in the description of the comedic finale of The Hangover trilogy. I say this is a crazy act of yet another crazy entry, but there’s nothing wrong with that. It isn’t as well filmed and dealt with like The Hobbit or the blockbusters of today, but it packs some crazy fun and lots of laughs.

Sadly some parts in the movie lack, the events through it are silly and awkward, but that actually makes it work, I didn’t laugh through the whole movie, but every laugh that happened counts. This sure was fun and all, it left me confused about how good it is. Should you pass this opportunity or go for it? Should you pack this up and call it a day or not? Certainly not I say.

The hangover 3 in the film

The Wolf pack finds itself in a problem as Alan’s father dies and he leaves his ADHD medications. The Wolf pack decides to go with Alan to visit a Rehab facility in Arizona. On there way they are attacked by a gang on the highway who are looking for an old friend of Alan’s…Mr. Chow. Doug, a member of The Wolf pack is kidnapped and The Wolf pack has to find Mr. Chow who happens to have just escaped a maximum security prison and send him to Marshall, the leader of the gang.

Thanks for reading everyone, this might be the last movie review of 2013, but it sure isn’t the last Geeklife article, come by tomorrow to witness the foresaken predictions of Geeks for 2014. Until then…



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