Geeklife: 2013 Predictions *FAIL*

As I look back to the start of 2013, nGeeklfie wasn’t here, I had an older website dedicated for Nintendo news, but I wasn’t able to keep up with every flash at its time. Well anyway one of the articles that mostly got attention was 2013 forecasts, and having the old website down wasn’t going to stop me from doing it again over here, that is why today I decided to bring up my 2013 predictions to see what’s right! And what’s not!

Geeklife Presents M&Ms

Without further ado (mainly because this is a list and not a person) the first thing is looking at 2013 predictions, since the website was actually only Nintendo news, the predictions relate to that. Today I will post and count the right and wrong of my 2013 predictions, and just by reading the title, I think you know my grade. 2014 predictions will not only be Nintendo of course, it will contain everything geeky from games and all the way to comics and mangas.

  1. Mario Kart U, Sport Related Mario Game reveal and we’ll have a demo for both
  2. Retro reveals a game on e3 The legend Of Zelda Wii U but not released this year
  3. No Legend of Zelda for 3DS.
  4. Pokémon for 3DS announced and released this year.
  5. Pokémon 3DS game will have a demo.
  6. Pokémon Wii U game that lets you use NFC powered Pokémon Cards or figures to add to your game but it won’t be a core game like Black 2 &White 2
  7. Pokémon Wii U game like Stadium and Battle Revolution.
  8. Wii Fit U will sell terribly.
  9. Super Smash Bros 4 revealed with a playable demo on both 3DS and Wii U.
  10. C.Falcon will be an NFC character in SSB4, if he sells well then an eshop game will be released, if really high then a Wii U $60 game is a must.
  11. Lots of 3DS eshop new Nintendo characters come in and some old ones like Kirby.
  12. No Earthbound game coming… not at all.
  13. Lots of Japan’s most successful 3DS games translated for western audience.
  14. Final Fantasy game will make its way to the Wii U.
  15. Capcom will reveal a powerful list of games for the 3DS and Wii U.
  16. Keiji Inafune’s King of Pirates announced to go west and released with a demo too.
  17. Miyamoto reveals his game in the working which won’t release till 2014.
  18. Masahiro Sakurai speaks of starting a new studio for Nintendo.
  19. Wii U virtual console released but not called Virtual Console, it’ll supports Gamecube games and going to be playable on the Gamepad.
  20. Animal Crossing Wii U reveal at e3.
  21. Dragon Quest X will not make it West neither for Wii nor Wii U.
  22. Monster Hunter 4 will be announced for the west but not released till 1st half of 2014.
  23. The Wii U will get a firmware update fixing almost all the problems it has with the OS.
  24. New Wii U model with larger disk capacity released.
  25. TVii heavily supported by everyone.
  26. The 3DS eshop will get a redesign.
  27. Miiverse will make its way to 3DS with an update replacing friend codes entirely.
  28. The Wii U will get huge support by Ubisoft.
  29. The 3DS will surprisingly be supported by EA.
  30. A cheap Wii U Gamepad that can act as a tablet will be released.

Let me take just a moment here to see my grade…Oh!…Darn it!… Wait that is good… I see…Okay then! So let’s see the answers :D.

  1. Mario Kart 8 and Mario Golf World Tour! Point me!
  2. Turned out to be Donkey Kong, still good but sadly! No points for me :(.
  3. DAMN I was wrong! The Legend of Zelda: Link to the Past and it was even released THIS year!
  4. Hell yeah! Pokemon X and Pokemon Y! I got Y by the way.
  5. Wrong Again :/.
  6. YES! YES! YES! Pokemon Rumble U!
  7. Nope, I wasn’t even close.
  8. I’m not sure what to count that as, they had a free trial then purchase the game… I will count this as a…a…oh nevermind. No point.
  9. Well revealed, but no demo… It’s going for a 2014 release too. Half point?
  10. Umm… I can’t say it’s true, but it didn’t happen so… no point.
  11. Not many from Nintendo, but lots of indies came in, oh and we have a Kirby game coming too! Point in!
  12. If only I didn’t type that “not at all” part, they actually brought in the old one and put it on the Wii U. No point.
  13. Yes! They were! Come On we’re getting Bravely Default and a bunch of others came too, Project X Zone anyone?
  14. I was so dum to think that would happen.
  15. Not yet actually :(.
  16. Hey listen! Keiji! The new robot looks awesome, but where the heck did KAIO go?
  17. Nope.
  18. He’s still working on Smash Bros actually, 2014!
  19. Virtual Console arrives, Gamecube games don’t. Half point it is!
  20. Imagine the NO meme please.
  21. Point in!
  22. Darn it!
  23. I did this on purpose to get one point actually.
  24. Still no sign of this bad boy.
  25. Oh for god’s sake, why?!
  26. Well it did!
  27. half point for not removing friend codes, darn it Nintendo!
  28. Yeah I can dig it!
  29. Another meme, NO!
  30. Can I cry?

Geeklife grafiti metal

So at a total of counting, my final score is…*drum rolls**fans shout**Men cry* … wait for it! A really really sad 11/30! Join me as I hit myself with a baseball bat sometime before January 1st when my “Forever A Geek” 2014 predictions are published! Until then, please put on your seat belts, my imagination is flowing and I’m ready to go!



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