Just Cause 2 Online Craze

Huge map, huge game, huge work done by Avalanche Studios, I’ve been playing Just Cause 2 for quite a while, I’ve spent so much time inside the massive world only exploring it and sometimes doing missions. It’s really one of those games that you will always get back and do more.

I’ve talked about Just Case 2 a couple of times here, to tell you the truth, I haven’t beaten the game yet, when you have a huge map (and I really mean HUGE) and you really want to see and touch everything… It happens, I kept traveling almost everywhere, not to go for this mission or that, but to see what will happen here and there. Usually people get a game, beat it and move to the other, well I’ve put myself on the mission to sit over Just Cause 2 and play it, but their were many other games I had to keep playing because I knew I really want to sit and keep playing. It’s not that that I don’t want to beat it, it’s just that Just Cause is the confusing type, I want to play it but the map is too big that it’s both annoying and fun at the same time, I keep using the hook and I don’t want to fast travel because I can hook to anything and it’s all so fun!

Now I’m not here to talk about the initial game (though I -kind of- did), I want to talk about the new multiplayer MOD that has just been released. Now I’m a big fan of mods, I really love having the ability to play it more and more. Now for about a month I haven’t played Just Cause 2, I’ve played lots of other games, but never felt like it’s time to get back to it… Well that changed today!

Wreck the car in Just Cause 2

A multiplayer mod has been released possibly yesterday or today, well anyway I downloaded it today,Steam handled the download and 19MB later I was locked and loaded to be crazy online! There’s many servers, but given the map is so big I felt like this isn’t going to work out with a couple of players, that is when I decided to arrange it by the number of players, that is when I set sight on the server filled with almost one thousand players (I’ve read some fill up to 1500 or so).

So the world is normal, but there’s no AI, only players who are craving to kill each other. The first thing I found myself doing was being in mid-air, dropping all the way on a boat and taking it, only to find someone attacking me, that is when I decided that it was time to blast this baby off! I turned right back at them, went full speed, jumped at the last second and left them burning and leaving to respawn. This was one of the least crazy things to happen, the most crazy one I remember was having to run away from the chopper that’s trying to kill me, I felt like a hero when leaving everyone to die while I run! Before that I actually had this sniper rifle, while everyone was busy shooting at the player in the chopper, I was head shooting every single player I can (incognito). Killing gets me lots of money and OH BOY was I fast when running from almost a dozen players who noticed me, I really didn’t appreciate having to jump off a cliff just because angry people can’t take death as a joke, am I right?

RUUN! Just Cause 2

Many users have been really going for it with these twitch streams, I found a user named twitch bla bla bla (these bla blas are actually the rest of his username that I don’t remember). I couldn’t help but keep killing him just to show him… I’M HERE! There aren’t any missions, you can do almost everything you want, do me a favor, whenever you find me in a tank, please stop pushing me out of it! The mod is extremely fun, extremely crazy! I’m just too sad I forgot to take screenshots of the crazy time. If you’ve played Just Cause 2 and think that you single player was crazy as it gets… Oh you’re missing out a lot, and I really mean it! A LOT!

Thanks for reading everyone, until next time…



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