Let’s Talk EA

Many gamers out there hate the inside and outside of EA while others simply love them, well one thing many of my friends have yet to understand is the fact that I don’t like them that much either.

EA is one of these big companies that just want to get bigger, and by bigger I mean get more money, of course every company wants money, game development isn’t a charity, but showing love to the audience helps ease the pain. If you’re reading this right now then you probably think that this is a “I hate your guts” article, but whether you’re a fan of EA or not, you should be happy to here the word no as my answer. This article s about how EA is gaining my trust little by little.

EA is a company that makes games, to make more of them they need money of course, however it’s always the fact that they want to milk every last penny in your pocket for something that doesn’t really deserve all this. Games always deserve money that is, but some games deserve what we have more than others and that’s what keeps me away from EA.

battlefield 3

If we leave the payments outside the look, when I look at a game like Mass Effect 3 or Battlefield 3, I see great games, well Battlefield’s power is in the multiplayer since the campaign is so short, whereas Mass Effect is big and fun! These are two different games, but I’m just trying to show that they do different kinds of games. Now we go to the Sims series which is obviously meant for the casual audience, the best thing is that it even appeals to people like me, I spent lots of money on this when I was younger and up till now I feel happy when Ii see it, I won’t really care about spending time on that game, but I do remember that it’s fun.

The games that EA makes are fun, but with all the payments I have to pay for things like DLC and in-app purchases, why in the world did you not include them in the game? That’s a point of having needing the money for the development and I don’t really want to get into all that.

When taking games out of the way… Well there’s no way I can take that away, let’s move over to Origin. First of all I’m a big fan of Steam, I mean come on! Who doesn’t love Valve? They show extreme love and care to everyone, just look at Half Life, Portal, Dota, Counter Strike! Oh for the sake of the gaming industry just look at Steam! Now also SteamOS and Steam Machine! The smart thing they’re doing is that they’re not sticking on one thing, they’re telling you this is our operating system, take and do whatever you want with it, we’re making it because we want PC gaming on TV, but you do whatever the hell you want with it! It’s like what google is doing with Android, right?

Origin has this really sleek and clean white-orange design that I adore, Steam is black…Yeah. Then we have Big Picture Mode which makes that all right! The thing here is that I have problems with Origin, I can understand that EA is trying to stop piracy with the DRM thing and having to be online, but for example, I have slow internet, I really want to play Battlefield 3, my friend owns it so he gave me the files, I installed it inside the Origin folder, well the problem here is that they wouldn’t let me open it, I’m not sure what I did to have Origin actually accept it for the sake of it.

Dead Space

Then we have the store, everything EA is only there, new titles aren’t going to Steam… Hmmm, they do have the right of course, they can put it wherever they want, it’s their game and I have to obey the rules, they also need money and they earn it this way, actually talking about this makes me look like the bad guy, the thing is that I prefer having all my games at one place, especially since many games go to Steam and not Origin, well… What? Instead of doing things different why not go with the flow and keep it up with Steam? Do not try to convince that they want to do things the different way and be one of a kind and all that, that’s not being one of a kind nor unique, that’s plain stooped. Of course that is only consumer-wise and not company-wise, they obviously earn money that way and I’m not here to stop them, but when more and more people see the bad side, they’re going to move away, we have this saying at my place that the smart guy’s wrong answer is expensive. This is actually good for EA because from my side I see them as a respectable company that makes great games, but also from my side they won’t be selling them anytime soon with that strategy.

Taking it easier in the process, this year I’ve seen lots of good things by EA, they’re slowly earning my trust right now, and just to tell you this, no body hates on a company for no reason, I hate Microsoft for this and I love them for that, I hate Nintendo for this, and I love them for that. I chose EA as my subject because they’re the ones that are mostly put on the spot of hate, well I don’t know about others, but this is the reason I have a bit of hate for them, but that doesn’t mean I don’t have lots of love and respect for everyone there.

Thank you for reading everyone, until next time…


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