Geeklife Future Will Happen

Looking onto the day I decided to start this blog and looking at the thoughts in my mind right now, I realize that this isn’t a matter of having fun like it used to be, my first idea was having my friends reading and enjoying my articles, if others like it then what the hay!

Shigeru Miyamoto

Now that I glare and stare, I think it has changed, and so have I. Seeing people like Pewdiepie, Smosh, Screen Team and many other rising now, I realized I want to dive more into the world I know and love, but then seeing people like Shigeru Miyamoto and Hideki Kamiya, I really want to make games especially that I know I have so many ideas for new games and many ways to improve a certain game.

It never occurred that these two things happen at the same time, but then again, people with the same passion I have started this one thing so why shouldn’t I? The idea here is that I want the name “nGeeklife” to shine through the screens of every geek in this world. It was only a matter of time till I realized this, I want to make and talk about games, most developers can’t directly communicate with people about their games, what’s stopping pewdiepie from making a game? Smosh is actually making one you know! What comes in mind here is that they are being themselves, silly, weird and really annoying guys on screen (can also be called being themselves), and for the love of everything they’re working on a game!

What I want is to have nGeeklife be the next big-name, worldwide, ass-kicking fun house(because the word “company” is too mainstream). Here I am right now writing articles whenever I get the chance, it was only for fun at first, but now I want more people to read them and that’s why I keep coming back to write more. At times I do videos and I really want people to watch them. Now with all these things, I want to make games, and I want people to love them!

Write articles on the website <—> Do videos on Youtube <—> Make Stuff <—>

That’s what I want summed up into what is less than the line, but doing them makes it longer… So what’s the point now? Where am I going with all this? Well I know one thing for sure, I’m going to put all these bad boys under the name of nGeeklife, someday I will have this name the talk of the town, people will love it, love our content, not because they should (we’re still low on recourse to control the world), but because I know they will (not really)… Well  I’m not making hated content, I’m talking about geeky stuff, I’m doing videos about geeky stuff AND I’m going to make geeky stuff. It might be games, movies, anime, god knows we might be making the next blockbuster or tech to take the world! This all just a dream, and with my incredible handsome face, I won’t be doing anything, the only thing that will make this work is finishing up this article and actually going onto the road that I call dream (it’s full of cakes and donuts!).


This actually sums up my vision to the future, it really looks small and easy when you talk about it, I’ll tell you what! You guys do the same thing! Whether you’re six or sixty years old, life is just a piece of cake (donuts if you’re like me), I’m looking forward to doing all this, are you? Well one thing for sure I hope that if you’re reading this, you will continue with me along the way! We’re only into 300 followers now and in same cases it looks good, but in other cases it’s bad.

Expect future article to be about the new Thor movie, the new Tarzan movie, a little look into Unity and some talk about State of Decay. Thanks for reading everyone, please follow us and help the dream become a reality, we’re looking forward to the moments you talk about us so again I say, thanks for reading, thanks for reading and a thousand times more… Thank you for reading, until then…



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