OMG The Hobbit: Desolation of Smaug … AWESOME!!!

I don’t even know how the heck am I supposed to talk about here, I really don’t want to spoil a thing here and that is the main reason I did not include the word “Review”, if I spoil the story then you really won’t be enjoying the film now would you.

The one thing I’m going to say is something I kept saying during the movie, (which I watched day one, but really couldn’t find the time to blog about it) and just ask Voldemort, even little “THA’LL SHALL NOT BE NAMED”, and my three buddies that came along, the word that kept running through my sound card (I’m in a geek mood, don’t judge me) was… THIS IS FU**ING AWESOME!!! Okay so I listened to lots of Mackelmore on my way there, but what’s the rush, I had plenty of time to take pictures with Gandalf, Bilbo and Lesolag. People made faces, people stared, but boy I’m proud to do what I do best and it goes like this: EAT.SLEEP.GAME. Now if you’re younger than fifteen please don’t believe what I just said, and please do not show these words to your parents, only people who have failed in life already should listen to the like of me ;)… Just to put it clear, I’m 17, sportive, handsome AND a geek! I don’t have to be fat and bald to do that.

also for the hobbit ios game

So nothing to talk about the movie aside of it being a must watch, I recently stumbled upon this iOS and Android game called… The Hobbit: Kingdoms of Middle Earth. Even though many smartphone/tablet or let’s just say… No-buttons devices tried to wow me with having to come back and play it, this one actually did. I wouldn’t say I didn’t go back to play games like Asphalt, Angry Birds till the the recent Angry Birds Go thing, don’t go forgetting Fruit Ninja, Subway Surfers and their likes. What I mean is a game that makes me have to wait to continue doing something, I don’t recall the names, but many made me do this, only through of which up till now made me come back. The Hobbit: Kingdoms of Middle earth obviously, Smurf’s village and Animal Crossing: New Leaf. The reason I kept playing them is that they had something that made me want to continue, many other games already have the secret out, you just keep going, but Animal Crossing for example had of course the music, but in gameplay methods, I kept making things that I don’t know what will happen if I do them, it had an element to get me back there, Smurf’s village had, well… Smurfs! Who wouldn’t come back to see if Gargamel stroke in there.

Finally The Hobbit: KoM for short gave me a city and me go up against another, not everyone is like me, there’s dwarves and elves, and thanks to knowing what the world really is and why they only put this, I realize I love it! Who doesn’t want to build a kingdom, defend it all the time against someone, the only problem is that I don’t have an iOS nor an Android device right now, but thanks to my parents, I can use their phones whenever I don’t like… We’ll get to the “don’t” in a giffy, or in another article.

I strongly suggest you read that, it’s really great, though a bigger screen is better, and permanent internet connection on the go because I’m willing to stay home to play it. Thanks for reading everyone, until next time…



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